We co-create digital products and systems

Bad technology slows us down, frustrates people, and loses money.

We make technology work for you by revealing solutions to deliver marginal gains that lead to increased efficiency and improved user experience.

Digital Product Development

We have years of experience in developing digital products across a multitude of industries. From bringing entirely new products to market, to enhancing existing solutions, to automating existing business processes. We build robust, scalable digital products.

Specialising in C#, .NET, iOS and Android, we craft everything from multi-platform native apps to high scale web applications.

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Consultancy and Co-Creation

Consultancy and co-creation is a blend of technical and user experience consultancy, on the job training and digital product development. It’s the perfect model for our partners who already have some software development capability.

We work as one team, made up of your colleagues and ours, to accelerate the delivery of your products and extend the skills of your designers, developers and testers.

The result? An enhanced product, improved team performance; a better business.

Find out how our unique approach reduces risk and adds real value to your business

User Experience: Research and Design

Ugly software that’s frustrating to use has no place in today’s world.

Whether it’s overhauling an existing experience, finding and working on pain points, or creating something from scratch, we have refined the art of making complex technical solutions disappear into the background to let people just get things done.

We always take the time to learn about the people who will actually be using a product or service, and make design decisions based on data rather than whims, personal feelings or trends. By doing this, we consistently arrive at solutions that are not only optimal, but provably so.

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Systems Integration

Whether you’ve got a scary looking green screen in the corner of your office hiding valuable data, or you have a suite of specialist digital products that you need to share information between, we’ll architect the most appropriate solution.

We’ve worked with everything from SAP to undocumented proprietary systems to deliver full business process automation. This is becoming increasingly popular as more and more of our partners are finding that traditional ERP systems are either prohibitively expensive, or simply don’t fit the way in which their business operates.

Find out how we integrated with proprietary systems at South Staffs Water

Azure Hosting: Application Architecture and Consultancy

We’ve been working with Microsoft Azure since its inception, and the developments of the platform over the past 18 months provide bags of opportunity for our partners. We’ve become expert in architecting our digital products and systems for the Azure platform, taking advantage of its high level of flexibility. As some of our partners have worked with us for longer than Azure has existed, we’ve also built valuable experience in migrating to Azure.

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