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Empower Your Manufacturing Operations with MIP

Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing operations with a contemporary, comprehensive, and cloud-ready manufacturing informatics platform.

Elevate your productivity, optimise asset management, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Experience manufacturing excellence like never before with MIP as your trusted partner.

Introducing MIP, your key to manufacturing excellence

MIP, the modern Manufacturing Informatics Platform, is your comprehensive solution for elevating productivity, asset management, and data-driven decision-making.

Whether in the cloud or on-premise, MIP empowers you with streamlined production management, real-time asset insights, user access control, efficient maintenance, dedicated interfaces, and seamless ERP integration. Visualise your production's heartbeat in real-time, respond swiftly to events, and stay informed with instant alerts. Unleash your manufacturing operations' full potential with MIP as your trusted partner.

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Seamless Production Management

MIP is your gateway to streamlined production operations. Whether deployed on-premise or in the cloud, MIP empowers you to manage manufacturing processes with efficiency and precision.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Integrate static, descriptive data with real-time data extraction from PLCs, CNC Controllers, and edge devices. From operating schedules to maintenance history and spares, MIP ensures every detail is at your fingertips.

Customisable User Access and Permissions

MIP puts you in control of user access and permissions. Manage training and skill levels effortlessly, ensuring the right personnel have the access they need for optimal performance.

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Ready to elevate your manufacturing operations with MIP?

Dedicated Interfaces for Enhanced Efficiency

Experience dedicated interfaces tailored to your teams’ specific needs. Machine operators and manual processes benefit from streamlined job tracking, performance monitoring, and instant alerts. For engineering and production managers, MIP offers an intuitive interface to ensure optimal oversight and decision-making.

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Streamlined Preventative Maintenance

Stay ahead of maintenance with MIP's fully integrated system. Benefit from step-by-step maintenance guides for standardised processes, along with breakdown and repair recording within custom-defined categories.

Seamless Integration with Your ERP

With MIP, jobs and operations are bidirectionally integrated with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Group, combine, and partially complete jobs with ease, ensuring your business operates at its peak efficiency.

See the Heartbeat of Your Production

  • MIP allows you to visualise your entire production performance across the business. Monitor every aspect with real-time data, rapidly respond to events, and stay informed with instant alerts.

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