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We thrive on developing the most appropriate solutions to complex technical challenges, and always put people at the centre of everything we do.

Razor Sprint

It's no longer the big beating the small, but the fast beating the slow

The Razor Sprint is designed for people who believe that technology can enhance their business. If you want to make a change and take action, rather than just think and talk about it, Razor can help.

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Every new challenge that we undertake starts with a Discovery.

This allows all stakeholders to build a shared understanding of what we need to achieve. This is how we build simple. Simple for you, simple for your customers.

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Starting Small: A Guide To Digital Transformation For SMEs
Starting Small: A Guide To Digital Transformation For SMEs

Ready or not, digital transformation is here. But with it comes the ease of getting hung up on the complexities surrounding it from intricate code to software engineering and skillsets you feel you don’t have the budget for.

13 days ago
What every CEO needs to know about Digital Transformation

In this paper we explore the right approach to digital transformation and expose the pitfalls.

“What do you think? The team have moved in today to our brand new space on Sidney Street in Sheffield. A new chap… https://t.co/WExvsTz7FZ”

49 minutes ago

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