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Who Are We?

We're Razor.

We’re persistently at the forefront of the future of technology. Razor is a technology consultancy and Microsoft Gold Partner. We harness the power of automation, VR, artificial intelligence, machine learning and focused design thinking to enhance businesses, experiences and capability beyond expectation and imagination. 

We influence the world around us by pairing with forward-thinking businesses. Our team are expert thinkers, engineers, researchers and developers, all working towards defining how cutting-edge digital solutions solve complex challenges. 

While our work is rooted in the vast possibilities of the digital world, Razor is powered by people. Our solutions are energised by technology, but we deal with people first. 


Where we came from

We were born to innovate. Not just stand on the shoulders of the giants who built our industries, but to elevate their ambitions, to take their inventions and to bring them to the digital age.

We are the founders of the Digital Factories of the future - we can apply any technology to make your business the best, the most agile and among the most successful on the planet. We can innovate to empower your team and make them superhuman. Our ambition always has been, and always will be, to build excellence.

We started out small, as a side project, with big dreams of making businesses and processes better and importantly, having fun on the way.

We’ve grown a lot. Our focus hasn’t changed but the scale of the challenges we undertake and who we take them on with, have.

We launched in 2009 (traditional side hustle... you know the story) and then demand got big, so in 2014 things got serious.

We move within the constantly changing world of tech, so for us standing still with a single industry application isn’t relevant.

We work with all sizes of business, from start-ups to FTSE 100 organisations.

Our Future vision

A future where technology amplifies the greatness of humanity, giving us more time to do what we love in an environment that is sustainable, efficient and ethical.


Our mission

Razor brings you technology that works in the real world, now and for the future. We are fanatical about the opportunities technology can offer to businesses and the progress it can bring to society.

We deliver cutting edge, human-driven technology, for humans by humans. We work with you to understand, challenge and rarefy the technology landscape to bring you ideas and solutions that build value.

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Want to know more?

Find out what we do to amplify the greatness of humanity through a continuously developing future.

We help organisations develop strategies and forge the vision of their future and we create disruptive and sustaining innovations. We work with the latest technologies and move quickly. The pace is fast, really fast and we have a lot of fun on the journey!

What we do