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AI Assessment

Accelerate your AI Journey

Transform Complexity to Opportunity 

Identify opportunities to apply AI, bridge technological gaps and safeguard against risk.  

What is an AI Assessment?

A comprehensive report outlining tailored opportunities for AI integration

Our team of technology experts collaborates closely with you through a series of interviews, workshops, and contextual inquiries to assess your current technological maturity, readiness for AI adoption, and pinpoint opportunities for enhancement.

Upon completion of the assessment, you'll receive a comprehensive report outlining tailored opportunities for AI integration. Along with an assessment of your organisation's readiness, you'll also receive strategic recommendations for your AI journey.

Choose your level of assessment

The AI Assessment is offered in three tiers, ranging from a lightweight engagement built on a questionnaire to in-depth investigations, depending on the required scale and scope for your AI investigation.


AI Readiness Scan

Ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises

Get an initial snapshot of your AI readiness and high-level recommendations for using AI


  • AI Readiness report

  • Identified AI opportunities

  • Strategic next steps

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AI Exploration

Ideal for mid to large-sized organisations

Get a tailored roadmap for a department-specific AI implementation


  • Assessment of your department

  • Identified AI challenges

  • Department specific roadmap

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AI Strategic Roadmap

Ideal for large enterprises and multinationals

Get a detailed AI adoption roadmap. Integrate AI within your organisation's goals


  • Assessment of your organisation’s current state against 9 key areas

  • Organisational AI roadmap

  • AI Implementation plan

  • Governance frameworks for your entire organisation's AI journey

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How can AI scale my business?

Embracing AI isn't just about staying relevant; it's about propelling your business forward, leading to sustained growth, enhanced efficiency, and a competitive edge in today's dynamic marketplace.


  • Enhance Decision-making - AI can improve data analysis, leading to more informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Streamline Operations - Automate routine tasks, optimise workflows and improve operational inefficiencies, allowing your employees to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Strengthen Customer Engagement - Enhance customer experience, personalise interactions and meet customer needs more effectively, leading to greater satisfaction and loyalty.

Why do I need an AI Assessment?

The AI Assessment empowers you to take action with your data and apply AI where it has the most impact in your business. We take the pain out of your AI journey.


  • Simplify AI Adoption: We make AI understandable and accessible for businesses at any stage.

  • Uncover Growth Opportunities: Identify and address gaps in your current technology setup where AI can drive innovation and efficiency. 

  • Secure Deployment: Anticipate and mitigate risk with a comprehensive assessment.

  • Fill Skill Gaps: Bridge skill shortages with recommendations for training or hiring, overcoming a primary obstacle to AI adoption.

  • Strategic Alignment: Ensure AI initiatives align with your business goals for maximum impact.

  • Boost Organisational Agility: Adapt to changes and embrace new technologies swiftly with recommendations for organisational and technological adjustments.

  • Expert Insights: Leverage our technology experts' knowledge for impactful AI solutions.

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Start your AI journey

Identify opportunities to apply AI, bridge technological gaps and safeguard against risk.
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