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What we do

Accelerated Software Delivery

These days it's the fast beating the slow.

You have to move quickly to win. Sometimes first to market is vital and sometimes second mover has the advantage. In either case, be rapid and timely.

Why is moving fast with software important?

Historically it was the big organisation that beat the small. Technology has moved the goal posts and now it is the fast beating the slow.

What you think is fast, out in the big world, may not be that fast.

Speed is everything.

Into the clouds

Accelerated software delivery involves unlocking the potential and moving at pace. There are risks in moving faster, especially when an internal team may not have all the knowledge and experience with new technologies.

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How to move fast with software delivery?

Just add agile and scrum, right? Possibly. However, we find this isn't always the case. Agile and extreme programming practices are great and we definitely are big advocates of them, and they do make up a lot of how to move quicker.

There are however, many other factors. When working with an existing team, we have to understand them and for them to understand that we are there as a positive. They will learn a lot and have a great time working together. We aren’t a threat.

Establishing this relationship happens during the initial understanding phases. Depending on the engagement, we might conduct a Discovery or it could be a Technical Strategy or even an Innovation Sprint. The key is, we make a point of getting the team onboard.

Once we understand and know each other, and together we have formed where we are going and why we are doing what we are doing, then we get to work.

Because we now clearly understand, we are able to bring exactly the right mix of people with exactly the skills and experience required to deliver at speed.

The energy is high and magic happens. Putting people first is the key to accelerated software delivery. We bring the right mix of people to move fast. To go fast, we go lean.

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Technology and Engineering

Organisations are looking to technology to stay relevant, gain market share, disrupt and grow and Technology and Engineering are at the heart of what we do. 

You can’t, however, start with technology and you can’t engineer yourself out of a problem people have got you into. 

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User Experience, Product and Design

There is no place in this world for ugly software or processes that frustrate users and cause inefficiencies. We have to have empathy for people because without them, there is no point in a new product, service or a more efficient process.

We are all able to spot bad design. We can feel it. It frustrates us or annoys us. We can get used to it, but that doesn’t mean that it is right.

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Long term success is seldom a coincidence. It doesn't just happen. The most successful people and organisations have a vision, and a clear plan of what they are going to do to realise the vision.

Without strategy, there is just a cluster of tactical decisions all hopefully heading in a positive direction.

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