Our Cause

Join our cause to reignite the North of England into the powerhouse it once was.

Sheffield and its surrounding areas were built on steel. Bessemer invented a way to make steel at scale. This process was honed in Sheffield and the reputation for the best steel in the world was forged.


Our Cause

It wasn’t that long ago that the North of England was an incredibly enterprising place. People were flocking from far and wide to be at the centre of where many industries were thriving, innovations were being conceived and opportunities were abundant.

All of this was driven by the relentless hope and prosperity and passion of the people who were true pioneers. 

Production was huge with homes being darkened from the industrious soot. 

The North was an industrious place to be with a future that was full of hope and prosperity. Nothing could stop the positive progress, grit and tenacity. 

Then, production went where labour was cheaper, the hard graft of working out what was possible and how to do it was done, for now.

Because of that, there was less profit to invest in innovation, the lifeblood of what comes next, causing the local economy to change. Because of that, over time, the North got a reputation for being a hard place to live.

The ember of innovation never went away. 

The smart, ingenious, hard-working, incredibly friendly and open people stayed. A shift to alternative economies came about, transferring and applying the same mindset. What hasn’t followed with as much gusto is the reputation.

Now is the time for us to fan these embers and create an inferno.

Changing the reputation from one of grit, grime and hardship, to what it is really like; humble brilliance, innovation, hills, green, fresh air and friendliness

And we do this by creating a beacon of wonderment and bringing attention to the north. We create a reputation of excellence sprouting so much positivity that people and organisations gravitate here.

This prosperity then breeds so that our children and children’s children have a future right here. They don't have to travel far and wide for opportunities and education and our economy grows.

We start a movement that being a friendly and positive community supporting each other and forming a sustainable future steeped in innovation and technology can prosper.

The innovations conceived here have a huge positive impact on our families, the world and beyond.

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