Our Culture

Our culture is built through the nature of the problems we solve.

We have to be people-centred, dynamic, creative and energetic to be the pioneers of cutting edge technology. And these values are felt in the way we behave, our attitudes towards each other and the ideas we collaborate on.

Our Culture

What do we stand for?

We stand for progression. We stand for the future of our community. We stand for each other.


Razor is a tech utopia where work feels like play! 🎉

At Razor we're pioneering the future of technology, and we're doing it with a wink, a smile, and a whole lot of heart We’ve been recognised as one of the best places to work in the UK by Great Place to Work; here’s what we said:

Proud pioneers: Saying "I work at Razor " comes with a chest-puffing, grin-inducing sense of pride We're like the rock stars of the tech world, and we wear our badges of honour with style! 96% of us say we’re proud to work at Razor.

Welcome one, welcome all: Everyone is welcome here, and everyone is treated with the respect and fairness they deserve. 100% of us say people are treated fairly regardless of their age, race and sexual orientation


“I get to work with a group of very talented and friendly people. I learn so much everyday and love working here.”


Leadership legends: Our leaders aren't just bosses – they're the captains of our spaceship guiding us through the cosmos with wisdom, wit, and a willingness to get things wrong and go again. 94% of us say management is approachable and easy to talk to and 94% agree management recognises honest mistakes as a part of doing business.

Chill time: Need a break from the intergalactic grind? Consider it granted! We're all about work-hard-play-hard, we’re encouraged to recharge our thrusters whenever we need to. 96% of us agree we can take time off when we need and 94% say we are encouraged to balance work and personal life.

Cheer squad: When one of our own has a success, we don't just clap – we break out the confetti cannons and throw a supernova party! 100% of us say we celebrate special events here!

We're accountable

Our culture is built by our team by asking, listening and taking action. 

Our quarterly Pulse Surveys give us data and stories to understand how our people are feeling. We know what we’re doing well (and can keep doing more of it) and know where we need to pivot.

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Great Place to Work - Rosie


Mission-driven: Every line of code, every creative session and every energetic conversation moves us closer to our goals 96% of us agree that the work we do helps the company’s mission.

Welcome brigade: Joining our crew feels like stepping into a warm hug From day one, new colleagues are welcomed with open arms and a smile. 98% of people say that newcomers are made to feel welcome.

We also had some great ideas about how we can further enhance our brilliance, and we're always pursuing innovative approaches to ensure our team feels valued, acknowledged, respected, and inspired.

So if you're ready to join a crew that's as fun-loving as it is forward-thinking, then strap in and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Check our vacancies page.

Quotes from the team

“Being surrounded by like-minded people who are super passionate about their own favourite corner of the techscape means I've learned a bunch more than just what I've been trained on. A single person can't be an expert at it all, but I'm twice the developer I was when I started at Razor.”

Scott, Engineer

Growing @ Razor

“Management at Razor show an incredible amount of support and trust, which certainly brings out the best in everyone. Even though the day to day pace is very fast and full on, we still laugh and have a very personal and friendly working environment.”

Alex, Senior Project Manager

Happy @ Razor

“Here at Razor, we're all about the thrill of learning and the joy of sharing knowledge. Lunchtime chats aren't just about small talk; they're about unravelling the mysteries of physics, debating the intricacies of space-time, and pondering the gravitational forces that could drive space travel.”

Hannah, Head of Delivery

Learning @ Razor

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