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Advanced Innovation

Identifying step-changes and unfair advantages.

The advanced innovations set you apart from the competition. They enable you to gain market share, be more efficient, offer something that others don’t or can’t, or create new business models.

Why is Advanced Innovation important?

This type of directed, digitally-enabled innovation is more important today than ever before. If you don’t do it, your competition perhaps will and then you are on the back foot, playing catch up. Instead, put your organisation in the lead by exploring what is possible.

What is Advanced Innovation?

Advanced innovation is the exploration of the possible. It is applied science, combining technologies to create brand new solutions. It is bending what we have now and seeing how far they will go.

It is finding out early if there is a commercial opportunity and de-risking investment. You can think of an advanced innovation like a tracer bullet. A tracer bullet is “a bullet that contains a tracer and leaves a path of smoke or fire”.

They are inexpensive compared to the missile. You can fire them quickly and get instant feedback. Once you are on your mark, you can get the missile out and only have to fire once.

We constantly sit on the bleeding edge and understand when technologies are mature enough to apply commercially.

Our knowledge of technology ensures that we understand their individual and combined capabilities, giving us a unique perspective on what is possible.

We approach advanced innovation in such a way that it is compartmentalised. We fire the tracer bullets in a safe and controlled environment, away from the day-to-day or line of business operations.

We have two routes, general innovation with our Razor sprints or when the challenge is data-focused, we have a data deep dive.

Both are fast-paced, focused, and exploding with ideas and energy.

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Data Maturity

Data Deep Dive

A Data Deep Dive is a data science project that takes an idea or hypothesis, and turns it into confidence, validation, or a new direction entirely.

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Innovate with us

Innovation Sprint

We created the Razor Innovation Sprint to help organisations innovate without the fear of blindly jumping into the unknown. We are the scouts before the exploration party is assembled. 

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