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Data Deep Dive

It starts with a question. How many? Which one? Is this weird?

Your data can often contain the answer, but data can be fickle. 

A Data Deep Dive is a data science project that takes an idea or hypothesis, and turns it into confidence, validation, or a new direction entirely.

What is a Data Deep Dive?

Put simply, a Data Deep Dive is a data science project designed to answer the question: “is your data ready to solve this problem?” It could be testing a set of algorithms, creating a set of visualisations, or building the first iteration of a machine learning model.

At Razor we thrive on the creative freedom to solve problems, but we recognise that a data solution is no use if it doesn’t stand up to scientific rigour. A Data Deep Dive uses a robust data science process to get to the answer quickly, but backed up with science.

The outcome is the confidence and evidence to back up a data science approach to solving a problem. The next step depends on what we find. Whether it’s productionising a validated machine learning model, or implementing a new dataset into your database, a Data Deep Dive gives us clarity with minimum investment.

Why do a Data Deep Dive?

Data can be a powerful tool when applied correctly, but without the rigour to back it up, it risks leading you down the wrong path.

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You need to understand what the right path is quickly. The Data Deep Dive has been developed to ensure a project is worth pursuing before taking it to the next level.

To keep things manageable, Data Deep Dives focus on a small bite sized chunk of your data estate. By focusing on a small piece at a time, we avoid getting bogged down and help get you started.

How to dive into your data

We build on a robust data science process to structure our approach to answering hypotheses and, if required, building models.

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We look to prove or disprove our hypotheses quickly so we know whether to proceed or change direction with minimum cost.

Our in-house expertise of developing software helps us embed models we build so that people can use them.

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