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Data Infrastructure and BI

Break down the silos and dismantle the spreadsheets once and for all.

Our Data Infrastructure projects are about laying the pipelines, filling the lakes, and building the warehouses that transform data from overhead into insight.

What is data infrastructure?

A Data Infrastructure project gets the right data in the hands of the right people. The diversity of tools and systems that most organisations adopt mean that data is often scattered around with no way to use it to power decision making.

If your data was a person in the room what would you be asking? We’ll help you identify the datasets and dashboards that will offer you real value, rather than relying on data for data’s sake.

A huge amount of time is spent by humans cleaning and sifting through data. We make use of technology to automate this stuff and free people to do what they do best.

Our data engineers ensure data is prepared properly, while our in-house User Experience (UX) designers ensure the resulting insight is communicated effectively.

Why is data infrastructure important?

Most organisations recognise the opportunities within their data, but few have the tools and infrastructure required to realise them.

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Too often, organisations rely on the time and effort of people to manually wrangle, clean, and prepare data to extract insight that is out of date by the time they finally hit save on their spreadsheet.

The right tools can automate these processes and get timely, understandable, and relevant insight in the right people’s hands, helping the organisation take the first steps to becoming truly data driven.

A Data Infrastructure can be anything from enhancing what you have to being the first step of your data transformation.

How do you build a data infrastructure?

Putting the right infrastructure in place is often a key early step of a data strategy, but it’s often hard to know where to begin.

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We work with you to identify the short and long term data opportunities, and help focus our attention on the first step with the most impact.

Serving data is more than just dropping everything onto a dashboard. Our UX designers will team up with the end users to design the way data is consumed.

All that’s left is to lay the pipelines, filling the lakes, and build the warehouses that transform data from overhead into insight.

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Data Maturity Assessment

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Data Strategy

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Data Deep Dive

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