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Data Maturity Assessment

The road to becoming data driven is never two-dimensional.

The Data Maturity Assessment lets us take your data pulse and gives you the clarity to focus on the right things. You might be starting from square one or wondering where to go next. The Data Maturity Assessment is a set of 25 questions that are designed to assess your starting point in 6 themes of data maturity.

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Why do a Data Maturity Assessment?

We start with this because there is so much more to data than just data. There is no linear path between an organisation who are data mature and one just starting out.

The only common need between different organisations is the need for clarity to make any conversations we might have as effective as possible.

Cut to the chase and .....

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What is Data Maturity?

There is no such thing as being simply “good” or “bad” at data - no two data journeys are the same, and neither are the destinations. Instead of assessing companies along an imaginary line, we understand data maturity.

Your data maturity is your unique standing across different aspects of data, from technology and systems, to people and governance.

By knowing your data maturity, you can better understand both your starting point and where you’re going.

What is the purpose of a data maturity assessment?

A data maturity assessment is our opportunity to take your data pulse. We use this process to understand both where you are and where you want to go while getting us to the point where we can take action and deliver value as soon as possible.

Instead of digging into the details from day one, we use this process so we can identify the most impactful place to start digging.

How do you conduct a data maturity assessment?

It starts with a questionnaire. By answering a series of questions related to the different aspects of your data maturity, our data experts can quickly gain a bird's eye view of your most pressing data problems and opportunities.

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We will use the output to guide a conversation where we can explore your answers in more detail.

What do I get from a Data Maturity Assessment?

In return for your time, you’ll receive a report giving an overview of where you are and suggestions for where to go next. It might be to implement a key piece of infrastructure to elevate your data from overhead to insight.

It might be developing a machine learning model to help people make data-driven decisions. It might be creating a data strategy to chart the path between where you are now and where you want to be.

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