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Data Strategy

Your data can transform your business, but how can you be sure you’re going the right way if you don’t know which way you’re facing?

Data flows through every part of your business - you need to be proactive not reactive. A Data Strategy Sprint forms the basis of your data strategy. We’ll assess the long term objectives to ensure the short term action is aimed in the right places.

What is a data strategy?

A data strategy project is a collaboration that combines your domain and business knowledge with our technical expertise. We’ll work together to identify short and long term business goals and opportunities before exploring how data can be used to support them.

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The goal here is to define a set of actionable next steps that don’t just offer immediate value, but also set you on a path to where you want to be 10, 20, 100 years from now.

We love technology, but we recognise that there is no value without the commercial reasoning to back it up.

A Data Strategic Sprint helps us get moving quickly and with confidence, but a strategy is never written in stone from day one. We will continue to mature and adapt the strategy as we learn more, or adopt a strategic framework.

Why is a successful data strategy important?

Data for data’s sake gets you nowhere. We encounter too many organisations who have followed their data down a rabbit hole, only to come out more confused than when they started. Alternatively, they just stand still because it’s impossible to choose where to begin.

The right data strategy ensures your data is treated like the asset that it can be. It gives clarity for what the future can look like and confidence to take the first step towards it.

Effective use of data can be a lever that, when applied to the right spot, can multiply your effectiveness significantly. Data and insight that doesn’t fit into a strategy is just more noise, and the world is already noisy enough.


How do you write a data strategy?

We start by getting the right people in the room at the level you think will have the most impact.

Our first sessions will be focused on getting an understanding of your starting point. It’ll be our chance to challenge the existing assumptions and ask ignorant questions. It will help us zero in on the priority areas to be addressed with the data strategy.

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