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What we do

Strategic Consultancy

Razor starts with why.

We work with company leaders to help identify, communicate and understand what they want and why they want it.

Technology without strategy is risky

Technology is moving fast. While this provides huge opportunities for organisations of all sizes, sectors, and industries, it also compounds the negative impact of setting off blindly in the wrong direction.

Technology needs strategy, and your strategy needs technology

Technology touches every aspect of an organisation. When applied properly, it is a powerful tool for supercharging growth, impact, and wellbeing. Fighting fires with the same old monolithic tools and Excel sticking plasters is no longer enough. When the stakes are high and resources are limited, it is vital that the development and application of technology aligns with the goals of an organisation.

Strategic approaches

There is no “one size fits all” approach to strategy. Razor works with a variety of organisations with different visions, drivers, and priorities. We build a shared understanding of your organisation, help cut through the noise, and ensure your action is impactful, whether it’s the first step or the millionth.

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Strategic Consultancy

A technology strategy moves as fast as your organisation and world around it. Our Strategic Consultancy engagement ensures we stay on the right track as your technological capability and vision grow over time.

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Strategic Discovery

A deep dive into your organisation. We’ll build an in-depth understanding of your vision, goals, and plans, and define a technology strategy and roadmap to help get you there.

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Vision & Strategy Rapid Insight

Sometimes you need to get moving fast. A Vision & Strategy Rapid Insight is a focused analysis of a key area of your organisation, allowing us to take action quickly without sacrificing the strategic rigor required to ensure we do the right thing.

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Why We Do It

At Razor, we’re technology radicals who love to build, innovate, and play. We also recognise the need for the commercial and business drivers that are required to make those innovations happen. 

We’re not management consultants (and we don’t want to be), but for our solutions to be effective, it’s vital we understand what your organisation needs. We’ll dig into your business strategy, looking for opportunities through our technology lens. It’s about making sure the technology we deliver is the right thing at the right time.