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Rapid Insight Discovery

Clarity with minimal overhead

You are not ready to dive into a discovery, the risks are too high still but you know that you need to do something.

This is why the Rapid Insight process exists. We gain clarity quickly and at the right level. We don’t sweat the small stuff, and focus on what matters most. 

Why do a Rapid Insight?

You have an idea of what needs to be done but there is plenty missing. There may be high level business objectives or a vision but there isn’t clarity on how to get there.

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Don't sweat the small stuff.

We'll quickly close in on your problem by considering it from all angles, using our extensive problem-solving experience, tech-know how and creative thinking.

The cutting edge.

The Razor Rapid Insight cuts through quickly to get the answers fast that leads on to a discovery bringing in all of the information and clarity learned in this process.

What is a Rapid Insight?

It isn’t a mini discovery, we start zoomed out and understand the business and market. We challenge what is needed and form clear problem statements.

Those critical first steps.

Post-It notes will be flying, insightful questions will be asked, technical aspects will be poked and prodded.

Building a knowledgebase.

The right level of detail will be documented and a roadmap, strategy or plan will be formed that shows the path to move forward.

How do you do a Rapid Insight?

This is not a slow paced exercise. We work fast, we uncover and challenge. We do this by being clear with everyone what we need to do. We sharpen the axe then get to cutting the tree down, meaning that we plan then get down to it.

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Fundamental understanding.

We frame the problem statement and challenge assumptions. What we find might turn out to be different to the problem that was initially thought.

Insight tailored to fit.

We use our tried and tested process and select the right tools and techniques for the task and mix that with the right people with the experience of technology, user experience, strategy and commercial understanding to solve your problem.

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