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Image Recognition - Object Detection & Computer Vision AI

Unlock the power of sight and transform your business with computer vision AI, where machines can see what our eyes cannot.

Picture this: your machines equipped with an all-seeing eye, continuously analysing, recognising, and making real-time, split-second decisions. From quality assurance to detecting environmental hazards, computer vision can bring a whole new level of accuracy to your manual processes.


What is computer vision AI?

Computer Vision is an extraordinary field of AI that enables computers to see and interpret information visually, much like we do.

By harnessing deep learning techniques to generate bespoke machine learning models, computer vision systems can analyse images and videos, extract meaningful insights, and make intelligence, automated decisions based on what they perceive.

Like our human eye, these systems analyse, pixel-by-pixel, what they see, can recognise patterns, shapes, and objects, even identifying and tracking specific things.

Why should I be exploring computer vision?

Imagine machines that can spot flaws in products on an assembly line, identify objects in real-time to enhance customer experiences, or analyse medical images to aid in diagnosis. Computer vision AI brings this transformative power to businesses, empowering them to optimise their operations, improve safety, and deliver exceptional results.

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We’re passionate about unleashing this potential with an innovative team of AI experts researching and experimenting with novel ways to apply this technology to any business, tailoring them to suit your unique needs. From being completely offline, distributing trained computer vision models to the edge with IoT, to large scale deployments across the world with the power of the cloud.

Computer vision AI has the potential to revolutionise the way you work. It enhances your efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making processes. These AI systems aid in reducing human error, continuously learning environmental behaviours, and providing real-time feedback. And you can take it beyond, automating your tasks through its lens, continuously delivering valuable insights from what it can see.

How to bring computer vision to life

At Razor, we always put people first in every challenge we explore. Our AI team collaborates with you to understand your goals and how computer vision AI can help achieve them. We ask why and how to get to the solution. Then we get hands on keyboards to innovate, experimenting with your problem space to rapidly prototype and shape the vision.

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But we need data too. To build any robust computer vision AI system, we need to gather the relevant, essential images or videos that we can train your AI model on. Our team are on hand to assist in guiding you in preparing, gathering, and annotating your initial dataset.

From there, we can let the power of automated machine learning do the rest. With a computer vision AI system up and running, continuously analysing the world it sees capturing images and videos, the model will automatically update itself with new insights, self-annotated based on its own predictions. This approach drives true self-learning capabilities, completely automating your AI for now and years to come, even as your processes evolve.

Are you ready for supercharged bionic eyes?

Say goodbye to the days of relying on the human eye to catch every detail. Our computer vision AI systems are here to revolutionise the way you see and interact with your business, making intelligent decisions in the blink of an eye. Get in touch and start your computer vision journey.

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