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Artificial Intelligence

Automate your business with AI Knowledge Assistants

Imagine having all your organisation's knowledge in a private ChatGPT, on hand for everyone instantly 24/7 answering questions and creating content.

Sounds valuable, right? It is, very.

Our AI-powered knowledge assistants leverage the power of the most advanced, generative AI large language models (LLMs), and combine them with your knowledge and your documents to empower your teams to securely gain instant access to any information they need.

Stop your endless searching and get some AI superpower!


What is an AI Knowledge Assistant?

You’ve used ChatGPT, right?

Now imagine if you could harness that AI and it can effortlessly retrieve information from your company’s vast knowledge base without letting that know-how leak out into the wild.

Whether that’s documents in SharePoint, the pages on your website, your internal Notion wiki or any other location including files in your filing cabinet. 

That’s what an AI Knowledge Assistant is - your own superpowered assistant.

They have “intelligent query understanding” and provide context-aware responses, tailored to your needs.

They can be used for processes and procedures, safety and compliance, equipment maintenance, training, content creation, and so much more.


Let's see something then...

Seeing is believing.

In this little demo, we trained the large language model with the "Office for Nuclear Regulation's" document set.

This is not a domain for the faint-hearted and is vast and very complex.

See how easy it is to find what you are looking for and also how it disseminates all the information into something easy to understand.

Just think how you could apply this in knowledge sharing, training, customer support or even creating new content based on your know-how and tone of voice.

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Let's talk about your AI knowledge assistant

Are you ready to unleash the power of knowledge across your organisation? Our innovative team of AI experts are ready to tailor your own bespoke AI Knowledge Assistants. Get in touch now and let's get started!

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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