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Create unique Generative AI Tools with DataQI.

Text searching. Content creation. Volume text review. Bespoke AI service.

DataQI is a platform that gives you the ability to create custom Generative AI text-based applications.

Effortlessly retrieve information from your company’s vast knowledge base without letting that know-how leak out into the wild. Whether that’s documents in SharePoint, the pages on your website, your internal Notion wiki or any other location including files in your filing cabinet. 

DataQI has “intelligent query understanding” and provides context-aware responses, tailored to your needs. It can be used for processes and procedures, safety and compliance, equipment maintenance, training, content creation, and so much more.

Train DataQI with your relevant documents

You can train DataQI with all the relevant documents; build specifications, technical documents or user manuals and even point it at manufacturers' websites.

Ask more questions, get more answers

Once trained, you can ask DataQI questions and it will give you a succinct answer. Continue to ask questions in the context of the previous question if you need more information.

Your sources are referenced

DataQI will tell you where it found answers and provide a link to the document source. Use DataQI answers with confidence and share sources whenever you need to.

Keeping your data and IP private

Elevated Data Security

Your sensitive information remains protected within a fortified digital vault. Your business data is ring-fenced and kept private so nothing leaves your organisation.

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DataQI Use Cases.

Use Case 001

Specialised Content Generation for a brand new self-service business

Complex prompt engineering, deep Generative AI training using RTO’s IP and a beautiful user experience.

RTO Materials is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who create training content. This process is highly labour-intensive and requires deep knowledge in each subject area along with the skill to write technical information succinctly and accurately.

Generative AI is a perfect solution to enable the business to scale and a brand new self-service product called was created. My RTO is built with DataQI at its core. With Razor’s AI-as-a-service, a brand new stand alone product has been created.

Use Case 002

Generative AI Voice Booking Agent

Imagine being able to replicate the best call handlers, not only in what they say and how they handle a call, but in what they sound like too.

Our challenge was to do exactly this; could we train a Generative AI application to understand a call, take a booking for a taxi with the details given in any order and allow the caller to change the details at any point?

We coupled our AI skills with an Innovation Sprint to create a proof of concept. The results were impressive. As with nearly all of our innovation sprints, we really can’t share what we created although we know you would love to see it.

Use Case 003

Human Understanding, Grouping and Ordering

Public consultations for large infrastructure projects and planning are long-running, wide and in some cases controversial. There are thousands of opinions and hundreds of perspectives. 

How can you reduce the cognitive load and provide a competitive advantage by being able to not only reduce the time to be able to indicate public sentiment but even do this in real time?


Unleash Your Potential

Bid farewell to the days of painstaking searches for information. DataQI is your dedicated Open AI and GPT4 AI, available round-the-clock to provide instant answers.

Maximise Efficiency

Time is your most valuable asset. DataQI takes care of the heavy lifting by tackling time-consuming tasks that used to slow your team down.

Uncover Insights

Empower your teams to explore a treasure trove of insights, giving them the edge they need to excel.

Search Made Smarter

With DataQI's advanced search capabilities, you can extract key information from even the most complex documents using simple keywords or questions.

Custom-Tailored to You

Customise data sources and queries to align with your organisation's goals. Whether it's industry-specific information or internal policies, DataQI adapts to your preferences seamlessly.

Knowledge Hub

Elevate your decision-making by tapping into a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. DataQI empowers your team with comprehensive sources of information, creating a reference library that's unmatched in accuracy and scope.

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