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Episode 6 - Unlocking Space for Yorkshire

Callum is back and this time he's launching us into outer space with special guests Felix Barr and Christina Smith from Space Hub Yorkshire. For many, the UK does not spring to mind when we talk about the space sector, let alone the region of Yorkshire. However, as Felix and Christina uncover, Yorkshire is developing its opportunities within the field. From private and public investments, university partnerships and space company start-ups, Space Hub Yorkshire are making it their mission to unlock space opportunities within the region.


“We did a mapping exercise and identified over 370 space related businesses in Yorkshire, so it just shows that the capability is here, it's just getting that message across.”

flexi barr headshot

Felix Barr

Felix Barr is a Cluster Development Manager for Space Hub Yorkshire, an organisation that is unlocking Space opportunities in Yorkshire and the Humber focusing on higher education, academia and industry. Felix has extensive experience in international trade after spending 3 years working for the Department for Business and Trade, where he was an international trade adviser specialising in supporting tech companies.

Christina Smith

Christina is the Space Technology Lead for Space Hub Yorkshire. Before joining Yorkshire Space Hub, Christina was a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Oberlin College in the USA, leading research into the make-up of stars and the atmospheres of planets as well as teaching courses in physics and astronomy. Christina also spent five years as a Postdoctoral Fellow in planetary sciences at York University in Toronto where she was a member of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory (“Curiosity”) Rover Science Operations Team, involved in planning and scheduling activities for the rover.  Christina holds a PhD in Astrophysics and an MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics from the University of Manchester and the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.  

Christina headshot


Episode Description

Felix Barr and Christina Smith from Space Hub Yorkshire join Callum this month to talk all things space-related in Yorkshire. Join the conversation to uncover Space Hub Yorkshire’s vision of connecting, promoting, guiding innovation and raising skills amongst businesses, academics, educators and students within the space sector. From Earth Observation satellites to cutting-edge aerospace materials, explore the diverse sectors within the space industry as Felix and Christina promote the varied career opportunities for students. Curious about the Curiosity Rover? Look no further as Christina was on the team that managed the daily activities of the rover. Tune in as she explains the research findings behind the project and the changing seasons on Mars.


Main Topics

  • Introductions & backgrounds (00:51) 

  • The role and objectives of Space Hub Yorkshire (02:0) 

  • Greenspace Project (03:37)

  • Barriers to the development of the space sector in Yorkshire (04:17)

  • Industries within the space sector (06:32)

  • Future Projects (07:44)

  • International Space Collaborations (09:00)

  • The UK talent pipeline (11:05) 

  • University Collaborations (14:03)

  • Career paths in the space sector (15:22)

  • Manufacturing and Space (17:05)

  • The Curiosity Rover (17:56)

  • Investment in the space sector (20:03)

  • How to contact Space Hub Yorkshire (21:00) 

  • The Future of Space in Yorkshire (22:24)


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