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Episode 4 - Precision Cuts to Molecule Mapping: Crafting Tomorrow's Health

Join this insightful conversation featuring the brilliant minds of Dr. Tim Craggs and Dr. Dom Ronan as we venture into the world of surgery and single molecule science. From single molecule fluorescence resonance energy transfer to epigenetic adaptations, this episode promises to ignite your curiosity, educate, and take you on a journey into the future of healthcare powered by technology. Your health and the future of medicine are at the heart of this discussion.


"It’s not necessarily just necessity being the mother of invention, but probably sheer laziness as well”


Dr. Tim Craggs

Tim Craggs is the CEO of Exciting Instruments and a Senior Lecturer in Biophysics at the University of Sheffield. He is a renowned expert in the development and use of single-molecule fluorescence methods, with a passion for making these powerful techniques available to all across academia and industry. Through Exciting Instruments, he is pioneering the use of single-molecule detection in medical diagnostics and drug discovery.

Dr. Dom Ronan

Dom is currently working as a plastic surgery registrar within Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. From a background in biomedical sciences current research interests include the microbiology of osteomyelitis of the hand, microbiological trends in necrotising soft tissue infections and scar formation in paediatric burns. When not sewing body parts back together Dom enjoys sailing, playing rugby and occasionally baking bread to keep the Razor team interested in what he has to say. Recent technological projects of interest include developing software to improve intra-operative imaging of hand fractures using fluoroscopy, and inventing instruments for assisting surgical procedures on hands.



Episode Description

In this fascinating episode, Dr. Tim Craggs of Exciting Instruments and Dr. Dom Ronan, hand surgeon at Sheffield Hospitals, explore technology in medicine and scientific research. We zoom into the microscopic-level where we explore the single molecule and why it is so important to study for medical diagnostic and drug testing. We zoom way back out to the macro-level, where we discuss hand surgery and how AI and VR can transform how surgery is performed, as well as improve patient outcome. Whilst optimistic, Tim and Dom discuss the barriers to implementing technology in the healthcare system and how we can overcome them. 


Main Topics

  • Introductions and backgrounds (00.46)

  • Democratisation of scientific methods and research findings (05.42)

  • Career motivations (07.04)

  • Epigenetic Inheritance (09.46)

  • Influential tech innovations in single molecule research and hand surgery (16.11)

  • The significance of studying the single molecule (24.00)

  • The impact of technology in healthcare (32.00)

  • Machine learning and AI in healthcare (33.50)

  • Barriers to the implementation of tech in healthcare (38.00)

  • User Experience in software and Patient Experience in healthcare (49.28)


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