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Episode 2 - AI in Tech

Patrick Murray and Tony Paskin discuss the essence of AI, its challenges, and future prospects. They delve into computer vision, speech recognition, and Ontaro, an application for child safety on social media.


“AI is almost held to a different standard to humans. If a self-driving car takes a million journeys and crashes on one of them, people will say, oh, it's not safe. Humans crash all the time…is there a threshold that isn't zero when we say actually AI is making us safer?”


Host: Callum Minton (Account Director)

Guests: Patrick Murray (Head of Data & Strategy) & Tony Paskin (Director & Founder, Ontaro)


Episode Description

On this week’s episode we are discussing all things AI. We explore the very essence of artificial intelligence, peering into its challenges and future prospects.

Buckle up as we delve into the fascinating realms of computer vision and speech recognition. But that's not all — prepare to be intrigued by Ontaro, a groundbreaking application that safeguards children on social media.

Explore AI's pivotal role in the realm of self-driving cars, where innovation intersects with safety. Uncover how AI functions as an assistive tool, enhancing human capabilities whilst navigating the complex realm of ethics in AI.


Main Topics

  • Ontaro, online child protection app (00:41)

  • Implementing AI in business (11:18)

  • AI and self driving cars (17:22)

  • AI as an Assistive Tool (19:07)

  • Computer Vision (20:51)

  • Generative AI (24:27)

  • AI & Ethics (27:15)

  • Steel Manufacturing Case Study (29:16)

  • RazorEdge (31:10)


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