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The beauty of being industry agnostic

Written by Jamie Hinton
Published on
It’s a common misconception that working across a number of industries can mean spreading yourself too thinly, but at Razor, we pride ourselves on not being sector specific, and choosing to work alongside businesses from a range of industries.

It’s a common misconception that working across a number of sectors can mean spreading yourself too thinly.

For some people, it’s a case of having one’s finger in too many pies, but at Razor, we pride ourselves on not being sector specific, and choosing to work alongside businesses from a range of industries.

There are some tech businesses that take the approach of finding their niche, one specific sector to focus on and work with; but we’ve always wanted to break boundaries and ask - why should we limit ourselves to only working within one industry?

Our team has a wealth of technological knowledge and understanding, with new and innovative ideas being generated all the time, so it makes no sense why this shouldn’t be applied to a range of different businesses that can benefit from what we do. The services and support we provide, helping businesses to ensure they have the best performing and most suitable technology and systems in place, can be applied to and benefit a number of different businesses, irrespective of the sector they operate in.

We’ve often found that by working across industries, including utilities, financial services, retail, manufacturing and engineering, asset management and transport, we’re able to broaden our knowledge and consider new approaches without being pigeonholed.

This can lead us to explore different technologies or find new ways of helping businesses. We can use our experience and examples of our work in other industries and areas to develop new ideas, approaches and applications, and we can transfer the experience we have gained in one sector to others.

Some may argue that working this way can prevent businesses from being able to gain a deep enough immersion and understanding of the industries they work in, but we certainly don’t think that’s the case.

We’re technology people – we don’t know everything about our client’s businesses, and we would never profess to. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever reach the same level of expertise as them in their respective industries, and that’s the way it should be. You’re experts in what you do, and we’re experts in what we do, and it’s bringing all this knowledge together through our in-depth Discovery process, that enables us to really understand each other, and how we can use our combined expertise to make important technological improvements.

We have the right level of ignorance to ask our clients the pertinent questions to get to the heart of the business, and this is instrumental in innovation, driving real change and challenging the status quo.

It also encourages two-sided conversation which enables us to establish clarity and a shared understanding with our clients of what we want to achieve, and how we’re going to get there. We place huge importance on people, and in taking this approach, we can make sure that they’re involved in the entire process.

Working with clients across multiple industries also prevents us from simply taking a cookie-cutter approach and enables us to remain open-minded and generate new methodologies and ideas, so that we can achieve the very best results for our clients.

It’s our job to ensure that the tech, systems and software that our clients have in place is as effective and reliable as possible. We have a vast expertise in this area, having worked with a range of different solutions and with years of experience, so we’re perfectly placed to provide this support and advice, regardless of what industry a business operates in.

A big part of technology is thinking outside the box and sparking innovation, and the fact that we’re not tied to one specific industry and actually work with a diverse client range helps us to do just that.