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How Razor Used Innovative Tech to Transform Business Challenges

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TotalEnergies, Ontaro, Tribosonics, Gripple, and Exciting Instruments are five companies with different challenges, all seeking solutions through technology - and they all have Razor in common.

From improving data infrastructure to creating sophisticated monitoring systems to developing automated validation tools, Razor uses innovative tech to create solutions that are effective, efficient, and scalable.

Come and take a look at five ways we’ve used cutting edge tech to transform business challenges…

How TotalEnergies Overcame Data Limitations to Build Predictive Models with Azure Databricks

TotalEnergies faced data limitations that prevented them from building predictive models, so we developed a cloud-based solution using Azure Databricks and Machine Learning Ops.

Looking to understand more about predictive modelling? Dive in to the full case study.

How Ontario's AI-Powered Monitoring System Makes the Internet Safer for Children

Ontaro aimed to make the internet safer for children and developed a monitoring system using artificial intelligence to detect harmful interactions, promoting responsible use through dialogue. Our team developed an AI-powered solution that helps keep children safe online, while also promoting responsible use and dialogue between parents and children.

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How Tribosonics Improved Efficiency with an Automated Validation Tool for Ultrasonic Sensing Systems

Tribosonics required a labour-intensive validation process for its unique ultrasonic sensing systems, so we developed an automated validation tool that increased their efficiency.

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Gripple's Global Growth Enabled by Azure Data Factory Metadata-Driven Solution

Gripple's global growth required a central strategic data platform to be used across all locations, so we developed a metadata-driven solution using Azure Data Factory that automates the creation of a star schema.

How do you automate within a global data system? Find out here.

Razor's Cloud Platform Enables Real-Time Analytics for Exciting Instruments' EI-FLEX System

Exciting Instruments sought to improve its EI-FLEX System by making it faster, more affordable, and accessible, so Razor developed a cloud platform that enables real-time analytics, automatic backups, and seamless use without much additional specialist equipment.

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It all starts with Discovery...

That’s a slick look at just some of the technology solutions we’ve built here at Razor, and the team is always hungry for bigger, more complex challenges to tackle.

If you are looking to understand how digital transformation can, well, transform your business and industry, it starts with Discovery.