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Our first language is technology. But we deeply understand many industries.

Razor brings more than 15 years of technology consultancy experience to each partnership. From cutting-edge startups straight from the lab to FTSE100 behemoths, we deliver innovative thinking and disruptive innovation enabling our clients to leverage and extend their core competencies.



Digital manufacturing, digital twins, edge monitoring - where to start?

Razor has worked with manufacturing companies for many years and can support new product development or business goals that revolutionise the way technology is used from the shopfloor to the boardroom integrating across your departments and functions, supercharging visibility and continuous improvement.

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From cutting edge innovations fresh from academia and game-changing precision medicine driven by big data and artificial intelligence, Razor can identify and develop simple workflow automation and information sharing systems that can make your organisation more efficient and deliver a step change in your customers' care experience.

Razor delivers focused, impactful and strategic approaches to technology implementation in health and social care.

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Energy & Utilities

Resources that the world relies on, disrupted by technology.

Razor works with companies in electricity generation and distribution, asset management and monitoring through to workforce management and operations. Digital twins and predictive modelling are driving new improved margins, whilst automatic reporting gives new levels of visibility and understanding into your business for objective, data-driven decisions. 

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Operations & Logistics

At its core, the world of business is the process of converting raw materials, time, labour and energy into outputs of products and services.

Razor develops visionary solutions that aim to optimise business operations in terms of efficiency - the minimal amount of resources whilst maximising your business performance and customer’s satisfaction at the right time, place and price.

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