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Ticket Tannoy, a London based ticketing platform, became a victim of their own success when user demand exceeded the capacity of the application and the infrastructure it was sitting on.

The platform targeted Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform, but still struggled to cope with the avalanche of traffic that they experienced during the large scale ticket sales.

Being able to cope with big name events without falling over or making customers queue is vital for any ticketing platform wanting to gain the trust of both end customers and the event promoters.

Getting this right unlocks the next stage of growth for Ticket Tannoy.

Razor and Ticket Tannoy in the press…

Razor teams up with Ticket Tannoy to take on touts

Sheffield’s Razor, has been appointed to work alongside Ticket Tannoy, to help combat ticket tours.

Razor were engaged to support the platform on a day to day basis, whilst also working behind the scenes to make changes to the application and infrastructure that would allow it to scale.

To ensure that we were tackling the right problems, we started out by conducting a technical discovery on the existing software and infrastructure. This involved performing complex load and capacity testing on replicas of the production environment to simulate the unique load patterns experienced during sales for major events. The application and infrastructure were profiled during the load testing to create a benchmark and to identify the areas that needed attention.

The bottlenecks in the software were re-engineered and the underlying infrastructure re-architected to take full advantage of Azure.

The re-engineered software and re-architected infrastructure were rolled out gradually with each phase being measured to prove their impact.

Our Discovery process at work elsewhere…

In just three months Razor were able to increase the capacity of the platform by 700%, slashed the hosting costs by 75% and gained a 100% uptime since the transition.

During the transition there was zero down time and no disruption to business as usual operations.

Razor and Ticket Tannoy in the press…

Tech firm tackles ticketing platform problems

Technology business Razor will work with London-based Ticket Tannoy to help improve its systems and ensure a consistently great experience for concert-goers.

Charlotte Dunckley

“Quite simply put, increasing the capacity of our platform has been a game-changing event. There was no disruption to our business during the process and reducing our hosting costs so significantly was an added bonus!”

Charlotte Dunckley – Head of Business Development

As a result of our work, Ticket Tannoy are now in a position to pursue partnerships with some of the biggest event promoters, confident in the knowledge that they now have a platform that can offer a truly class-leading experience to promoters and end customers alike.

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700% increase

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75% reduction

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100% uptime

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