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Transforming Tomorrow: Embracing a modern, digital experience with Clear Business

Revolutionising Small Business Services in the UK through an Electrifying Digital Makeover

See how Razor crafted a dynamic digital presence that propels Clear Business into a new era of innovation and customer engagement.


In the ever-evolving landscape of small business services in the UK, Clear Business emerges as the innovative leader poised for a game-changing transformation

As part of a full rebrand, the team aspired to revolutionise the customer experience through a comprehensive digital makeover.

Let’s take a peek behind the scenes of their ambitious journey, highlighting the challenges, meticulous process, and the pivotal role played by Razor in shaping a cutting-edge website.


Who is Clear Business?

Clear Business is the go-to dynamic leader in providing services to small businesses in the UK. 

Part of the Verastar group, with a diverse portfolio spanning seven sub-brands in sectors like business insurance, utilities, and telecommunications, Clear Business was all set to undergo a thrilling transformation, signalling unity and a fresh, unique approach to business.


The Challenge

Clear Business had their sights set on an ambitious digital makeover. Their goal? To live up to their new proposition ‘Services Simplified’ – to bring their clients a modern, digital experience, making life easier and more exciting for their incredible customers.

Part of their digital transformation required the creation of a brand new website. The website needed to help the brand to scale and optimise like never before. And most importantly, it needed to be mobile-first – given they knew that’s how most business owners access digital services.

Get ready to dive into the heart of their electrifying digital transformation. They were on the road to unveil an exciting, brand-new website that would take customer experience to the next level.

Clear Business Mock Up


The Process

Razor initiated the rebranding project with a collaborative kick-off meeting involving core stakeholders from multiple teams across Clear Business – from Marketing and Technology through to Commercial and Customer.

The key objectives of this meeting were to align everyone with the project goals, set the vision, establish expected outcomes, and create a clear timeline.

This kick-off meeting set the stage for the collaborative effort required to successfully deliver the project.

Following this, Razor partnered with the Clear Business team for two more productive Discovery workshop sessions. The first focused on comprehending their business model and identifying the challenges. We achieved this by understanding the value propositions around what the customer values and needs

Razor facilitated discussions and activities to gain insights into unique value propositions, customer segments, and key challenges.

Clear Business walked away from this workshop with an updated sitemap, documented business segments and challenges, and unique value propositions associated with each business segment, laying the foundation for effective messaging and branding.

Low-fidelity wireframes were also developed to outline the initial design concepts and layout ideas for the website.

The second workshop delved into the integration requirements. By the end of this workshop, the team had successfully refined the outputs of workshop one, as well as capturing the final details to perfect the new, branded components for the website.

The baton was then passed to the Razor team to build the components, before handing them back over to Verastar who would go on to use these components to build the website. Talk about a team effort!

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The Result

Razor successfully converted the Clear Business rebrand into a digital Design System. This involved translating the brand guidelines into a cohesive and adaptable set of digital assets, ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints.

Razor's collaborative approach, involving two workshops and a meticulous conversion of brand guidelines, played a central role in helping the team achieve its rebranding goals.

The outputs from these workshops provided a solid foundation for the development of a cohesive and impactful digital presence.

Razor was able to hand over a complete component library of building blocks, so the Clear Business team could use them to construct the brand new website. We also set up a new CMS website allowing them to move content over into their new components. Plus, the Razor team was on hand to offer additional support and guidance if required.

After the successful completion of the initial rebrand, Razor and Clear Business are now exploring other use cases to design and develop additional components and even more website functionality. This is just the start of the journey, so watch this space!

The success of this rebranding project is a testament to the effective partnership.

This website isn't just a change; it's a game-changer!

Verastar's metamorphosis into Clear Business isn't just a change; it's a seismic shift, setting the standard for innovation and customer-centricity in the digital realm.

Paul Sinclair

Paul Sinclair

Chief Brand & Marketing Officer - Clear Business

Razor's forward-thinking approach has delivered a future-proof website that launches a new chapter in our customer digital experience.

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