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Dynamic Medical Logistics

Automating the technology keeping hospitals fully equipped.

Dynamic Medical Logistics (DML) is an industry leader in healthcare, serving hundreds of UK hospitals with professional transportation of medical products and surgical equipment. Providing a seamless logistical chain from delivery to post-op collection and return, DML prides itself on absolute efficiency in its delivery and collection services.


The Challenge

This is vital work! The accurate recording and reporting of data is hugely important, so that all stakeholders know when and where things are.

DML was using a range of systems, including some manual, paper-based processes that they wanted to get rid of. The plan was to lose the paper chain and digitise records for their clients, improving the workflow for their team by way of the most up-to-date information whilst they were out on the road.

“Why have multiple systems when you can have one amazing piece of accessible technology?” We thought. 

And thus the challenge was set....

User management dashboard for DML, with soft blue background



DML required a bespoke mobile app that housed their delivery systems, invoicing systems and client information together in one place. If we were successful in building this, DML would be the first organisation in its industry to have a mobile application that functions in this way. Exciting isn’t it?

To kick things off, we began research to find a POD (proof of delivery) system to replace the paper chain system DML had been using. After trialling a few systems we found a brilliant POD suite that we could integrate with existing systems.

DML had previously trialled an alternative POD (an electronic order management system) but found it wasn’t suitable. The system didn’t work well enough, and drivers found themselves reverting back to manual signatures on printed delivery slips.

We had to make sure we had the buy-in of the team, so we performed a staged roll out to help people adjust to the changes in the system.

In terms of functionality, the app required:

  • Automated movement of orders from a TMS (transport management system) to a route planning system

  • Automated Invoice calculation, production and issue based on completed delivery and collection jobs

  • Automated Driver payment functionality

  • Direct Integration with Xero Accounting system

Razor for the win. Let’s bring this bad boy home!

Oh! Hang on. Wait just a second....

User management dashboard for DML, with soft blue background



We were just coming to the end of the process with the new POD and rolling out the system changes to all delivery drivers. Then Covid struck! It somewhat stopped us in our tracks.

But we got back on it as soon as we were able.

DML have 25% more work than they had before the pandemic and deliver with a reduction of staff doing admin work.


3 months later…

That was a long second…

With our feet back on the gas, we did a mid-project reprioritisation. The invoicing generation process needed automating to improve efficiency. So we created an invoicing portal with Azure integration and PWA (Progresive Web Application) functions behind it.



It’s a wrap! The POD has been fully rolled out and integrated into the business – with their clients receiving real time delivery updates through their client delivery system via API.

DML have 25% more work than they had before the pandemic and deliver with a reduction of staff doing admin work. Without our solution this wouldn’t be possible. So it’s a win all-round we reckon.

Following the successful delivery of the POD system we have formed a great working relationship with DML and are now working on the automation of MI and customer reporting.

We’re done with the discovery phase and quarter of the way through development of a customer portal to enable accessible viewing of reports. At the same time, we’re in the process of redesigning the POD app as it becomes customer facing. Including a design refresh to ensure it’s closely aligned with the brand identity.

Andrew Edwards

Andrew Edwards

Managing Director - DML

Razor's innovative approach and expertise in app development and systems integration made them the perfect partner for this project. The solution has streamlined our operations and allowed us to focus on what matters most: providing top-notch healthcare logistics. It's a win all-round, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Razor to automate more processes and enhance our customer experience.

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