Move over, Internet of Things, welcome to Zen’s Internet of Happiness

Zen’s ultimate purpose is to deliver happiness to their staff, customers and suppliers. Striving for long-term goals aligned with their desire to have a positive impact on people and the planet, rather than short-term financial targets. We like their approach!

Since its inception in 1995, Zen has grown significantly and experienced huge success, offering a wide range of services, from home broadband to complex network and cloud solutions for some of the UK's biggest companies.

The Zen team has an awesome understanding of the customer journey. They know what their customers want, what makes them tick and how to keep them happy.

So what did they need Razor for?

The Challenge:

How to keep the excitement alive during the process of getting Zen to your home.

Customers were getting in touch for updates between purchasing and installation, but finding themselves not 100% where they were in the order process - which meant that Zen needed a way to keep customers informed, whilst managing the customer experience throughout the process.

What a brilliant challenge!

The Action:

To begin, the process was the same as any other Razor project – discovery.

Our remit was to design the experience. We’re great at understanding the customer journey and designing innovative solutions to plug gaps. Zen needed us to zoom out to 100,000 feet and think differently.

Zen gave us the customer journey research they had so far, so we could get a flying start. We identified three goals for the service blueprints: we needed to view every step in the journey, it needed to be visual and it needed key contact points to keep customers informed.

From here, there were two main customer journeys to consider: The purchase phase and the ongoing customer lifecycle.

The lead times between purchase and installation can sometimes take a little while. Zen needed a way to keep customers informed and engaged during this time. They also wanted an easy way for customers to manage their bills and broadband package easily.

Working collaboratively with the customer experience and technical teams, as well as the brand lead, we mapped out the service blueprints and filled the gaps, using friction design to extend the process further than before. Slowing down how the information is communicated to the customer.

Keeping the customer continually engaged, rather than doing everything upfront and…nothing!

Feedback from the Zen team – and more importantly their customers – has been really positive. Not bad, eh, anyone would think we were pretty good at this ;)

The brief nailed - we achieved “Zen happy!”

Paul Sinclair

“The Razor team were brilliant to work with on this project. They quickly understood our needs and made sure our customers were at the centre of everything they did. Razor are a great extension of our team to bring our vision to life.”

Paul Sinclair<> Marketing Director
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