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Our Top Secrets

We can’t share everything that we have done or who we are working with — some of it is top secret and can be very sensitive information, even the fact that we are working together can ruffle feathers.

machine learningTotal Energies

Total Energies

We helped TotalEnergies use data to make predictions & improvements across the 130 countries they're active in. How? With machine learning!

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developmentWillmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon

All businesses have a role to play in our society, including those in the construction industry. But the problem they face isn’t ‘how can they do that?’ it’s ‘how can they prove their impact?’

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Surely there’s an easy way to keep our children safe online? There is! The tech may be complex, the final solution is as intuitive as it comes, thanks to AI and machine learning.

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Tribology – the science of wear, friction and lubrication – plays a huge role in global energy (over!) consumption. Automation and enterprising tech could be the key to managing this.

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