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Client Stories

Our Top Secrets

We can’t share most of what we have done and who we have worked with — a lot of what we do is top secret, and even the fact that we are working together can ruffle feathers.

Check out a few of the projects that we can share.

machine learningTotal Energies

Total Energies

We helped TotalEnergies use data to make predictions & improvements across the 130 countries they're active in. How? With machine learning!

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developmentWillmott Dixon

Willmott Dixon

All businesses have a role to play in our society, including those in the construction industry. But the problem they face isn’t ‘how can they do that?’ it’s ‘how can they prove their impact?’

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Surely there’s an easy way to keep our children safe online? There is! The tech may be complex, the final solution is as intuitive as it comes, thanks to AI and machine learning.

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developmentSouth Staffs Water

South Staffs Water | Turning on the Digital Tap

We all need water and we all pay for it, but it is one of the only markets where being the customer means very little. In the UK, household customers can’t pick and choose their water provider. But this doesn’t mean water companies should forget customer service.

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Data Analytics

Using Data To Automate Low Value Tasks

When a business grows everything is amplified and this includes processes that are inefficient and time-consuming. You’ve heard us say it once, and we’re saying it again - the good gets great and profitable, while the bad gets worse.

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Industry 4.0Gripple


Gripple’s growth has been amazing, but they needed a central strategic data platform that can be used from all their global locations. Of course, we jumped at the chance to create this high-powered application!

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