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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Taking a step towards the future

If the 2010s can be thought of as the decade of the smartphone, then the 2020s will be the decade of immersive technology. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) both offer remarkable new opportunities, and businesses are waking up to possibilities far beyond the realms of entertainment, promotion and marketing.

Immersive Tech

Immersive tech has been making huge waves across industries, throughout the entire product pipeline, from ideation and design all the way to training and data visualisation.


What if you could “user test” your new factory floor before you’d even broken ground? Or get a feel for the usability of a new product? VR allows end-users to validate your designs by working in virtual spaces and feedback in real-time or test ergonomics without costly physical prototypes.



What if you could train staff safely and cheaply? Virtual training eliminates waste created while new staff get up to speed on the job, at the same time familiarising them with the work environment in a completely safe space. Staff can train for an emergency so when the time comes they know what to do.



What if you could involve your clients in the design process and see a product in their hands before it is even produced? VR and AR are so intuitive that anyone can pick them up and provide useful insight in a matter of minutes.



What if you could analyse data in a new and intuitive way? Immersive tech allows us to leverage our innate spatial reasoning in new ways to gain new insights in incredibly intuitive ways.



How about being able to rehabilitate patients in new and enjoyable ways? VR and AR have the power to transport patients into new worlds to distract them from pain or encourage physical therapy in a fun and engaging way.



What if a builder could see through walls? Mixed reality headsets like the HoloLens open up the possibility of showing building and product schematics over the top of the real world - so an engineer could see exactly where building services should be.


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Intel & HTC Vive: Reducing electrical accidents

Intel developed a virtual Electrical Safety Recertification course with a 300% estimated ROI over five years. By investing in VR, they reduced costs, improved training effectiveness, and increased staff motivation and retention. The course offers immersive, low-risk training environments and cutting-edge VR content with clear objectives, risk management scenarios, and controlled feedback.

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Outcomes and benefits

  • By using VR, Intel enhanced its training program and achieved a 300% ROI over five years.

  • The trainees expressed a strong preference for VR training, with 94% desiring more virtual instruction.

  • The adoption of VR resulted in a reduction of the total cost of ownership of the training program.

  • The VR training also contributed to an increase in trainee retention and motivation.

Going forward

Intel greenlit a worldwide deployment of the project, establishing the framework for all VR-based training across the enterprise.

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All the way back in 2019, Razor was featured in the Immersive Economy in the UK Report 2019. This report by Immerse UK and Digital Catapult highlights the growth, potential and adoption of VR and AR. VR and AR have the potential to change the way you work or it could amplify and accelerate the way you currently work.

You may have a project or challenge in mind or you may need more help in defining what it is and we are here to help. If you are still not sure or just want to find out more, let’s have a chat. We are a friendly bunch and would love to find out more about your challenge.

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Power BI

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Artificial Intelligence

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