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The Razor edge of Technology: Sheffield company scales up with seven new hires in Lockdown

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Razor Ltd continues strong growth trajectory with four senior hires in August, in addition to three secured earlier in the year Recruitment coincides with several new business opportunities, making 2020 a successful year so far despite Covid-19 disruptions Hires include senior departmental leads

We hired!

  • Razor Ltd continues strong growth trajectory with four senior hires in August, in addition to three secured earlier in the year
  • Recruitment coincides with several new business opportunities, making 2020 a successful year so far despite Covid-19 disruptions
  • Hires include senior departmental leads

August 2020: Since May 2020, Sheffield-based Razor has employed seven new people, the majority of which into key leadership positions across several areas of the business.

Achieving huge growth, the company is becoming the go-to destination for businesses looking to stay on the leading-edge through digital transformation.

Most recently, Razor has employed a Design Lead, a Marketing and Sales Lead, a Delivery Lead plus a Developer. These hires join a further three new team members who joined the business in Spring 2020, including Software and Test leads along with a Head of Data, AI and Analytics. The senior nature of the roles demonstrates a level up in Razor’s organisational structure, with more resources geared up across the breadth of the company to build on growth and momentum.

Across all roles, Razor’s hiring process is equally weighted towards aptitude and attitude and maintains a level company hierarchy which champions every member of the team. The company also prides itself on employee development, helping their team members be the best they can be with the most effective tools, opportunities, and mentoring.

Meet Razor’s newest team mates:

Aidan Minton: Design Lead

The Design Lead at Razor is immersed in developing the front-end of technology solutions. Creating clean, usable and accessible user interfaces.

“I grew up in a creative environment, which I was immersed in from a young age. I first stepped into a design studio at 8 years old. I think smelling the fresh print and seeing how everything came together set me off on a path of discovery.

“Around the time I got my degree in Graphic Design things started heading in a digital direction, just as things were progressing from 5 colour gradient buttons and flash sites.

“I've always had a passion for anything creatively charged and this role was perfect for me, having seen some of the work coming from Razor I knew I wanted to be part of it.”

Hannah Ackroyd: Marketing & Sales Lead

Being the Marketing and Sales Lead at Razor involves a broad range of skills and responsibilities taking on creative writing, planning and close stakeholder management.

“I was passionate about creative writing from a young age and pursued two degrees in Literature with Creative Writing. Four years ago, I stumbled into the tech world more by chance than intention, but I found a love for the fast-paced nature of the industry.

After working in a sales role, I was looking for something that was closer aligned to my creative passions that had been put on hold. The position at Razor has given me a unique opportunity to continue to work in the tech space, while getting reacquainted with my creative side through content creation and working with our creative partners.”

Hannah Wilkinson: Delivery Lead

The Delivery lead at Razor is tasked with the vital job of getting work from the development teams and to the client.

“I fell into working in tech 7 years ago when a bunch of developers at the company I worked with needed a bit of organising. I had until then held commercial roles at the same company and was able to provide some business insight for the team. I have just returned to the workforce after having my second child and some extended maternity leave.

I'm thrilled to have joined Razor and am looking forward to the varied subject matter and fast pace of agency life. I'm hoping my background in e-commerce, business support functions and APIs joined with a desire to organise EVERYTHING will prove to be an asset.”

James Kulmer: Developer

A Developer at Razor can be working on a range of emerging technologies...

“My journey into the tech industry began 3 years ago, when I made the difficult decision to leave a PhD programme. I needed something a little more creative than purely technical. Fast forwards to now, and I’ve learnt a ton of stuff, can build websites, desktop applications, mobile apps and more, in an industry that balances a technical mindset with a creative streak in just the right quantity. I’ve learnt more in the last couple of weeks at Razor than I have in the last two years; to say the technology stack is at the cutting edge of all that’s new and interesting is an understatement. I’m excited to continue learning and creating alongside a wonderful mix of highly talented individuals in the forwards-thinking environment that is Razor.”

CEO and Founder at Razor, Jamie Hinton commented on the recruitment drive:

“We’ve been very lucky that we’ve been able to continue to grow during this time. Helping the Northern tech scene stay strong is key to our cause so I’m very proud to be able to say Razor can recruit at the moment. With the world the way it is, businesses are looking for ways to digitally transform what they offer, I think Razor has benefitted from the accelerated thinking around digital transformation and automation with new business coming in all the time.

“If there’s anything to learn from the people we’ve hired is that it’s important to focus on more than just previous experiences and a skills checklist when you are recruiting. We hire people not CVs. Individuals who can challenge, can take a challenge and think differently in the process. We work in technology but it all hinges on human thinking, decision making and adaptability. Our team is all varied, from lots of different backgrounds and that’s the way we like it.”

“Now is the time to look after your team, to invest, protect and grow!”