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Razor is officially a Great Place to Work – come and find out why

Written by Rosie Frawley
Published on
Wouldn’t it be cool to work somewhere where you feel you make a difference? Love the people you work with? Get excited by the work you’re doing? Wouldn’t it be… Oh wait, it IS! At Razor, anyway 😀

We’re so proud of the results from our Great Place to Work survey and our newly secured achievement. And no, we’re really not into the performative here – 65% was the minimum needed for certification and we smashed it with a Trust Score of 89%!

Safe to say we were shocked, but not surprised – it’s great to get external validation of the strength and depth of our culture.

All that said, I wanted to put pen to paper and show you exactly why we’re so passionate about our company culture – and what we’re doing to make Razor a Great Place To Work – from the core values that drive every business decision to the small things that really matter…

Our leaders walk the walk

You always hear that company culture and employee motivation – whether that’s positive or negative – is a direct reflection of a leader’s behaviour. So it’s only right then, that it serves as a continual reminder of the huge responsibility leaders have, and how they must be conscious of their behaviour, language and impact.

Our leaders at Razor get excited about our ambitious, meaningful and empowering vision; where we’re going and why. CEO Jamie is passionate about sharing why the work we do is important and how we can make a difference to generations to come (check out our cause!)

Our leaders help to break down the Big Picture ideas into individual departments and roles so that we know what we’re doing and where we’re headed. It’s great to see the feedback from the survey, where 96% of the team said the work they do helps to achieve the company mission!

We want everyone to feel important, valued and that they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. When people feel committed to their company, levels of motivation and satisfaction go through the roof, and we all do our best work. That’s why the day to day interactions between leaders and colleagues is incredibly important.

Our Razor leaders are authentic and know how their values, thoughts, actions and behaviours are perceived by others. The team reports that the leaders of Razor embody the best characteristics of Razor (94%) and they’re approachable and easy to talk to (94%).

That’s not to say leaders have to get it right every time, but those who have personal integrity and consistency between their words and actions have high levels of respect and trust from colleagues. That’s exactly what we have at Razor.

We really are people first

Razor’s culture is centred around people. You can feel it when you walk into our office or log onto Slack; the emojis, memes, jokes and celebrations 💥

I can say we’re a people-first business as much as I like, but let’s be honest, it’s better to hear it from the whole team! So, let me hand it over to them to share their experiences:

  • We really care about each other (98%);
  • We are treated fairly regardless of our age, race and sexual orientation (100%);
  • We have fun working at Razor (94%);
  • We’re proud to tell others we work at Razor (96%);
  • We consider Razor a great place to work (94%).

From first interactions during recruitment, through to when someone chooses to leave, we always focus on people-first experiences. Having said that, I often think it’s the small stuff that can make the biggest difference to how people feel:

  • Giving the Razor team’s kids Easter eggs 🐣
  • Sending flowers when relatives are unwell 💐
  • Creating doggy-size bandanas 🐶
  • Having supportive conversations about challenges at home 💓

It’s these individualised and personal care moments that strengthen the emotional connection we all have to Razor.

We love the work

The impact of an emotional connection with a company has been well researched and identified as a key component of employee motivation. If people share the values of their company, it becomes an intrinsic motivator meaning they enjoy the work more.

At Razor, we believe an intrinsically motivated team is driven by challenging work, exciting projects and learning opportunities. We encourage the team to solve complex problems by removing the red tape, micromanagement and layers of process – when our teams feel confident and trusted, their creativity and intelligence is unleashed. And that’s what gives them the freedom and space to be innovative and create incredible Razor-edged solutions and ideas 💡

Teamwork makes the dreamwork… Or something like that!

We’re really proud of the culture we have here at Razor. We work at it everyday to ensure Every Single Person feels connected, valued, engaged, motivated, inspired.

We ask and listen; we get it right, we get it wrong; we admit our mistakes, we celebrate our successes; we adapt and we change.

We’ll always be driving towards a culture that enables us all to be incredible people, professionals and of course, computer nerds. 🤓