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Introducing Gareth - Software Tester

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Whenever a new tech revolutionist joins our ranks, we make sure their experience is a great one. But don’t just take it from us (because, you know, we’re a little biased!) – we’ve handed the virtual mic over to our newest recruits to see what they’ve got to say.

Contagious curiosity, football fundraisers and terrific tech – just a few things that make the Razor crew, well, great!

Which is why we make it our mission to give new recruits that full Razor experience. And then demand they give us an absolutely sparkling testimonial. Just kidding!

We catch up with them on the regular to see how they’re getting on, and sometimes we write about it…

So, meet Gareth, who joined us in July 2022 as a Software Tester. He’s already well-versed in the Razor way of ‘doing things’ (i.e not by halves!) using crazy tech and doing cool projects alongside his awesome team mates.

Hi Gareth! Word on the street is you’re pretty new to tech… What sparked your interest in it?

It’s true – I’ve spent a lot of time in Finance, in quite a few different roles and across multiple industries. It was always varied, but there was one thread which seemed to weave its way through all of it: how much I enjoyed analysing and investigating data!

Say what?! No techy background? Hard to believe given the amazing stuff you’ve already done. So, go on then – what’s the secret to your success?

There’s really no secret – I’d definitely put it down to the great introduction into software testing I’ve had. I’m working on the ISTQB certification which is giving me the theory and foundational understanding of testing: the how-to’s, best practices, and techniques. I’ve also worked on some internal projects to put theory into practice without the pressure of meeting official client deadlines.

And of course, my journey wouldn’t have been half as smooth or enjoyable without the people I’ve worked with. They’ve given me so much support, advice, encouragement, and their pure joy at what they do is contagious!

You’ve got a buzzing beehive of activity going on at home. Does Razor do anything to help you achieve that all important work-life balance?

It has made it so much better: I love the ability to work from home, whilst also having flexibility over the hours I work. It’s reassuring knowing I don’t have to clock into work at a set time and that I can take my daughter to nursery and be there to pick her up – without rushing.

Awesome. Is there anything else that makes Razor a cool place to work outside of the project stuff?

Well, in the short time I’ve been here, there’s been a fair bit of ‘play’ – in a charity football match and with some super cool pieces of tech like HoloLens… Innovation really does thrive when you’re given the space to laugh, experiment and enjoy a day of scoffing burritos!

Ooh, and last one: now you’re a fully fledged member of The Test Team do you have any advice for budding tech newbies?

Curiosity for sure and an interest in coding/tech are the foundations for getting into software testing. If you’re like anything like me and love to analyse and understand how things interact (and explore the ‘what-if’s’), there’s definitely a place for you in the tech world.

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