Working at Razor

Our goal as an employer is to make you the very best version of you by giving you the tools, the opportunities, the development, the mentoring, the best people to work with and the nudges to keep you striving to be even better than the day before!

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When you join Razor, you can expect to be among like-minded people. Our hiring process puts as much emphasis on attitude and aptitude as it does on existing skills and previous experience, because… well, why wouldn't we? We need people who understand how to solve problems, not just follow instructions. We need people who understand the commercial implications of the decisions they make. We need people who can not only challenge, but also be challenged.

Things you can expect to hear at Razor:

  • “I think there might be a more efficient way to achieve this, can we have a quick chat and see if we're missing a trick?”
  • “I'm a bit stuck here and I don't want to waste time going round in circles. Can someone help me out please?”
  • “I made a poor decision there. I want to share this with the team so that we can all learn from it.”

Things you won't hear at Razor:

  • “I don't need help from anyone.”
  • “I'm more senior than you, so I'm going to decide how we do it.”
  • “He/she has really messed this up.”


We regularly review our company benefits package, which includes a contributory pension scheme and flexible working hours.

Perhaps most importantly, we put a lot of value on people's personal time. We expect to finish work on time to be the norm, because you're useless to us if you're burnt out.

Other stuff

We combine our monthly company meetings with Hot Dog Friday (rarely involves hot dogs, usually on a Friday) so you get an update from the senior management team on what's been happening while being fed. This year we also started holding 'reverse company meetings', which give the team an opportunity to present interesting work, or to ask questions to the senior management team in an open forum.

We're a pretty sociable bunch, so we'll often do a Friday pub lunch or a few drinks after work. When we're in the studio, some people like to regularly play table tennis or table football, while others are more inclined to talk to you about the book they just read. If you're lucky, you might even witness an intense game of Top Trumps. There's no forced fun though. People get involved in whatever is their bag, and that works out just fine.

We take your privacy seriously, see how we handle your data.

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