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“The pandemic was the breaking point for businesses that had overlooked digital technology”

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“The pandemic was the breaking point for businesses that had overlooked digital technology”

UK-based tech innovation company Razor has been steadily growing for years. But with a total of 21 new team members since March 2020 and new clients ready to explore the possibilities of emerging technology, the pandemic has shifted the business up a gear.

Lockdowns may have brought the world to a standstill, but inside businesses, the pandemic has triggered powerful change. In a recent *McKinsey Global Survey, 889 C-Suite level executives said their companies had accelerated the digitisation of their customer, supply-chain interactions and internal operations by three to four years during this period. As a Digital Transformation specialist, Razor has harnessed this movement to advance its mission of helping businesses work better, faster and more efficiently, using advanced technology like AI.

With new clients across sectors including retail, manufacturing, construction and logistics, the Sheffield-based firm is making shockwaves in critical industries. Some of Razor’s new clients include: Fixie 3D and Zen Internet. Several existing clients including The University of Sheffield AMRC have also embarked on further projects due to changing business and economic conditions, each seeking means of doing business more efficiently and resiliently.

Meeting this demand, the Razor team continues to grow with new hires across account management, marketing, software development and testing; 10 people have joined the company since January 2021.

While many would assume business leaders hurried to deploy temporary digital solutions to meet unfolding demands and restrictions at the beginning of the pandemic, most of Razor’s clients are making lasting investments in digital technology, ensuring internal and customer operations are future-proofed and leaders are empowered to make mission-critical decisions whatever the future may hold.

Jamie Hinton, CEO and Co-Founder at Razor commented: “We have always advocated that to stay competitive in this world, businesses need to challenge their strategies and practices - this new world has only supercharged that feeling for me and our team - and now we’re seeing businesses come round to it too. The pandemic was the breaking point for many businesses who had overlooked digital technology until now.

“Technology like machine learning and AI sound off-putting to lots of people, but we’re not interested in replacing people with machines. All of the work we’ve done this year hasn’t kicked off because people couldn’t go to work in the same offices, factories or sites. We’ve helped industries who have boomed because of the crisis keep up with these huge shifts, otherwise they simply wouldn’t have survived. Some of it is also about letting computers take care of the tedious tasks so us humans can get out there and do the creative ones, our mission is to make things better for people, always.

“We are delighted that we’ve brought on some truly brilliant people during this time who have sailed through periods of isolation and remote working even when they are very new to the business.”

Tamarind Randall, Software Tester and one of Razor’s newest recruits said: “Starting a new job can be daunting in any circumstances, let alone during a pandemic, but everyone has been so welcoming, it hasn’t felt daunting at all. I’m so happy I’ve managed to find Razor and they’ve managed to find me. It really is a unique environment. Everyone is fiercely supportive of each other and strives for the highest bar for the businesses we work with.

“In the last 12 months, businesses have opened their eyes and expanded their imagination to the possibilities of digital technology. They have been forced to scale up in some areas and had the space to think about the lingering technical debt within their internal operations. And those questions and ideas they might have had a few years ago and pushed down the road are now cropping up. The Razor team is definitely here to help them understand how we can make those ‘could this work’ ideas a reality.

“I hope businesses will continue to see the impact of the changes they’ve made during the pandemic and the huge gains to be made from building on that work.”

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