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Razor wins place on the AMRC’s million pound digital framework to inspire innovation in British manufacturing

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Razor wins two-year AMRC contract

Razor has been selected by the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in a landmark framework for the region worth up to 7 figures in groundbreaking digital capabilities. Selected as the front runner alongside two other digital consultancies, we’re in an excellent position to begin to forge the AMRC’s new digital vision.

This initial 2-year contract unites two of the region’s cutting-edge tech organisations with a reputation for innovation and a shared vision for the UK tech scene

The contract – which has the potential to span up to four years – is to deliver a new, innovative digitisation strategy bringing in emerging AI, machine learning and big data technology.

The wider mission is to position the AMRC as a champion for digital integration in the manufacturing environment, creating a centre of excellence to inspire manufacturers up and down the country to consider the productivity output digitalisation can achieve.

Expected to begin in June 2020, the overall objective of the AMRC strategy is to provide a robust, manageable and highly capable data and information processing platform. With the AMRC’s strong research links to the University of Sheffield, this partnership is a striking example of academia, advanced manufacturing and disruptive digital technology coming together to solve the most challenging engineering problems facing the industry.

Dr Aiden Lockwood, Principal Enterprise Architect at the AMRC said: “This project will bring together all our expertise and use the AMRC as a whole to demonstrate how enterprise scale modern IT could be used across the UK manufacturing sector. This is an exciting new era of the AMRC which will allow us to fully connect our staff, members and partners into a unified digital platform.

Steven Foxley, CEO at the AMRC said: “Razor is at the forefront of the fast-growing digital tech community in the Sheffield City Region, through our work with us they’ve proven time and again that they are capable of the forward-thinking, fast moving and innovative approach this work requires.

“The AMRC is determined to bring together the digital and manufacturing communities in the North of England to drive growth and productivity through innovation, this new partnership is that and much more. We hope to position the AMRC – with Razor’s energy and approach – wholly as a demonstration of the use of modern IT capabilities in an enterprise-scale organisation.”

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