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Razor puts digital evolution on track for Rails of Sheffield

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Technology business, Razor, have been appointed by Rails of Sheffield to reconfigure their e-commerce offering by improving their systems and processes. The contract forms part of a wider plan to enable future expansion and growth of the business, which sells a large range of model railway and model rail accessories.

The new project comes amid a continued partnership between the two businesses, which has seen year on year growth of 40%. This latest phase of the project, which was agreed in April and is to be completed over a four-month period, has seen the implementation of automated and digitised systems, allowing the majority of the Rails business to go paperless.

Over the coming months, Razor will revamp the front end of Rails’ e-commerce platform, providing hyper personalisation, and allowing for a much-improved customer experience. As well as this, the infrastructure will evolve from traditional cloud platform architecture to take advantage of the most up to date cloud services.

Razor and Rails have a long history of working together, dating back to 2005, over which time Razor have aided Rails in developing all of their digital products, enabling the business to grow significantly. Razor’s ability to understand their client’s offering, through their in-depth Discovery offer, has placed them perfectly to implement the changes.

John Barber, Director of Rails said: “Working alongside Razor for the past twelve years has been a pleasure, and this latest project is set to bring real benefits to our customers. Razor know what our priorities are as a business, and they understand how we work. This, alongside their expertise in business process efficiency and technology, means that they’ve developed and implemented a solution that has helped us improve our processes.”

Jamie Hinton, CEO of Razor said: “This project alongside Rails will bring their e-commerce offering right up to date, resulting in a much-improved customer experience, and a much more efficient use of information and data. Many online retailers are still stuck in the past when it comes to the systems and processes they use, and what still isn’t recognised, is that often, improving that doesn’t have to mean expensive software or wholesale change. It’s often about working smarter, and introducing bespoke solutions to individual challenges.”

The new platform will provide Rails with the ability to give a faster, more secure and personalised experience for their customers. It will ultimately allow the business to reach more customers, and unlock the global potential of their brand. The internal tools will build upon existing system integration and automation, meaning that human errors are reduced and more time can be focussed on the customer experience.

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