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Razor powers AI-driven technology for leading UK charity Versus Arthritis

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Razor joins Versus Arthritis

Razor has been selected by Versus Arthritis as a strategic partner to deliver new and innovative AI technologies which will improve how medical research, helping millions of people, is managed and communicated.

With over 18 million people in the UK with arthritis or related musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, the scale and pace of arthritis research is not proportionate to the huge impact on society - it is the charity’s strategic priority to rectify this. It is estimated that arthritis- related pain alone costs the health service £5 billion every year in England.

Razor will build upon existing business intelligence that exists around the Versus Arthritis research portfolio, revolutionising the way that the charity maximises its research investment to improve the quality of life for people living with arthritis.

The team will be focused on building upon existing tools and developing a number of new products from conception. Combining design and development sprints and an ongoing strategy, the partnership is geared towards leveraging the organisation’s transformative and scalable approach to capitalise on emerging possibilities within AI technology.

We will also be working on projects across the charity which will improve and streamline how people with arthritis are communicated with online, through insights available from current AI applications such as AVA, the Versus Arthritis chatbot. Unstructured data held by the charity will be also used to better understand what people with arthritis need in terms of services and health information.

Amanda Neylon, Director of Insight, Technology and Data, at Versus Arthritis said: “The AI and machine learning landscape has changed dramatically since we began our journey with AVA, the Arthritis Virtual Assistant. There are new opportunities emerging daily where AI could help us achieve our ambitions in supporting people with arthritis and how we talk about research. Our partnership with Razor will allow us to future-proof and forge a scalable AI strategy. We’re excited by the possibilities this brings.

“We look to continually improve our offering for millions of people with arthritis and the researchers, healthcare professionals, volunteers and fundraisers who work tirelessly to ensure that in the future no one has to live with the pain, fatigue and isolation of arthritis”

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