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Razor helps Virgin Trains EC to roll-out mobile tech for staff

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Technology firm Razor has helped design, deliver and roll-out a new mobile technology strategy for Virgin Trains East Coast, which is set to help Virgin’s staff to provide a better customer experience to travellers. The project has been designed to help provide everyday operational support and information to staff, enabling them to give customers a smoother journey.

Virgin Trains East Coast has embraced technology since it took over the franchise in 2015, and on-board experience is one of the key priorities for the business. As such, Virgin enlisted Razor’s support in developing technology that could assist on-board train staff with a range of information, which they could then, in-turn, help provide customers with the advice and information they need. This could range from operational information, to engineering works, delays and security issues.

As part of the work, Razor travelled with Virgin employees on real-life journeys, to discover how their systems and technology could be improved, and map out how this could result in a better user-experience for the staff, and a better customer-experience for travellers. Razor’s insight-based approach was then used to develop wholesale improvements to how staff-technology worked, with on-board feedback providing a key element of the finished product.

Kristal Ireland, Head of e-commerce and retail for Virgin Trains East Coast, said: “I’ve been really impressed with the way Razor have worked with us in helping to evolve our digital support for on-board staff. The strategy we’ve arrived at will help our people do their job better, and result in an improved overall customer experience for our travellers. Razor have demonstrated real commitment to the project, working alongside our staff, to make sure we get the right information to them in the right ways. The approach they’ve taken from start to finish has demonstrated their unique understanding of how technology should be designed around people, not the other way around.”

Jamie Hinton, CEO of Razor, said: “Virgin Trains East Coast is a forward-thinking business, who have embraced a commitment to technology as an enabler to improving staff and customer experience. Working closely with their team at every level has been key to helping them develop their strategy so that it can improve their journeys and performance. Technology now has a huge role in how businesses update and engage with their staff, and Virgin have embraced this idea with open arms.”

The project was carried out in late 2017, and following a review phase, is now being implemented out across the East Coast network.

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