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Razor aid Age UK in helping the elderly

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Technology firm Razor have been working alongside the Age UK Islington charity, in order to refine and fine-tune their decision-making software. Razor have been supporting them in the development of technology which will enable them to improve efficiency and customer experience, whilst maintaining consistency and quality of service.

Razor have worked closely with the charity to develop a technology prototype which will help to make call handlers’ decision-making processes simpler and more standardised, ensuring that they can continue providing help and support to those who need it most. This enables them to establish a guided process for volunteers to follow, as well as helping to collect the caller’s exact answers, not just the volunteer’s perception of their situation.

Jamie Hinton, CEO of Razor said: “Age UK Islington is a fantastic organisation, providing crucial support and services to the elderly. It’s great to be involved with them and to support the improvement of their processes. We’ll continue working closely with them to develop a perfectly tailored solution to ensure that they’re providing the very best services for those who need them.”

Andy Murphy, CEO of Age UK Islington said: “The work that Razor have been doing for us is vitally important so that we can continue to expand the range of help we provide. Each year, demand for our services increases, so it’s fantastic to have a tailored solution that will help us to remain consistent and effective in our work.”

“We’re currently trialling the software that Razor have developed, with excellent results. We’re excited to continue working with them to progress this further and see the positive impact that this will have on the way we work.”

Age UK Islington provides help, support and life-enhancing services to elderly people in North London. With an ageing population in the area, demand for their services is increasing rapidly. Razor were approached to develop software that would allow for consistent and effective follow-up screening, enabling older people’s wellbeing to be maintained.

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