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Sheffield and its surrounding areas were built on steel. Bessemer invented a way to make steel at scale in Sheffield. This process was honed in Sheffield and the reputation for the best steel in the world was forged.

The industrial revolution of the time fueled incredible demand for steel. The steel industry brought investment and people followed. These people were smart, ingenious and hard-working people. Friendly people who worked together for the greater good.

Following on from this came the cutlery industry. The stamp of Sheffield on cutlery was a mark of quality, the best quality. People were proud to own cutlery made in Sheffield and the world trusted steel forged in Sheffield.

The people of the north were proud of what was invented and created here, people of the UK were proud of what the powerhouse in the north created.

Times change and the production of steel and cutlery has almost gone. The smart, ingenious, hard-working and friendly people of Sheffield and the north are still here. The engineers and fabricators are still here. Our families are still here and we need to create a future for them.

Manufacturing doesn't need to go where the labour is the cheapest, it should go where it is the smartest and most efficient. People always think of Germany or Japan for the most efficient engineering, just like Sheffield is known for steel.

We have an opportunity to make Sheffield and the north, known for digital manufacturing.

Just think, if we took the bubbling tech industry that is here and combined it with the incredible manufacturing industry we could create a reputation of a digital thing made in the north, where people instantly have a positive emotion towards it. The factory of the future forged in Sheffield and conquered by the north.

By making Sheffield and its surrounding areas better it then spreads to the wider areas and the north and then the UK. Digital manufacturing becomes what the UK is known for globally.

Our children and families have a future right here. They don't have to travel far and wide for opportunities. We all benefit from a better economy and the environment benefits from locally produced, high-quality output.

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