We are human; just like you

We’re software engineers and system architects, strategists, user experience and interaction designers, testers, project and account managers.

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Microsoft Partner - Silver Application Development Gold Cloud Platform Crown Commercial Service Supplier

Our story

We were born to innovate, to not just stand on the shoulders of the giants who built our industries, but to elevate their ambitions, to take their inventions and to bring them to the digital age. We are the founders of the Digital Factories of the future - we can apply any technology to make your business the best, the most agile and among the most successful on the planet. Our ambition always has been, and always will be, to build excellence.

We started out small, as a side project, with big dreams of making businesses and processes better and importantly, having fun on the way.

We’ve grown, a lot. Our focus hasn’t changed but the scale of the challenges we undertake and who we take them on with, have.

We launched in 2009 (traditional side hustle... you know the story) and then demand got big, so in 2014 things got serious.

We move within the constantly changing world of tech, so for us standing still with a single industry application isn’t relevant.

We work with all sizes of business, from start-ups to FTSE 100 organisations.

Our specialism

On top of our passion, innovation and commitment to solving some of the hardest issues businesses and organisations face globally, we are also Microsoft Technology Specialists, strengthened by our certified Microsoft Gold Partnership.

Everything we do starts with people and can end with everything from integrations to mobile apps to web applications to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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Our vision

We help our clients prosper through delivering timely, leading-edge technology.

Our mission statement

Razor is a business who’s entire purpose for being is to keep its clients, regardless of sector informed and able to exploit the very latest in technology.

The business is comprised of Microsoft focused software engineers and usability experts, whose job it is, to sit on the ‘cutting edge’ and to keep pace with continuously changing technologies, adopting and adapting new tools and techniques.

To do this, we regularly push into the bleeding edge (meaning our clients don’t have to) so that we know when a technology is mature enough for adoption. We learn constantly, we read, we explore, we teach and we write. People come to us for advice. Brands come to us to stay competitive.

We have a reputation for high standards, for doing things that others would shy away from and doing them well. The results we generate, back up our reputation.

Our core values

On point;

We create the most appropriate solutions, getting to the heart of what people really need.


We are learning all the time and are not afraid to push ourselves.

Obsessed with our craft;

We love what we do and we apply scientific thinking to craft innovative digital products.


We strive to deliver best value through continuous improvement.

Want to join us?

Sounds like a cool place to work, right? If you’re looking for a new opportunity, we might have some going.

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Our board

A portrait photo of Jamie Hinton

Jamie Hinton <> Chief Executive Officer

Most people who deal in software see it in code. Jamie sees it in living and breathing opportunities – that if applied in the right way – can not just bring real value, but supercharge any organisation.

Beginning his career writing scripts to automate his own job as a data uploader at one of Sheffield’s (then) largest technology agencies, it is this mindset of ceaseless innovation which gave life to Razor and its mission to always stay on the sharp edge of technology.

At Razor he challenges his team to think bigger. To harness the power of automation, VR, machine learning and focused design thinking to enhance business functions, experiences and intelligence beyond the client’s expectation.

Jamie has worked with major brands including Alfa Romeo, Co-Operative Bank, HCCi Dyson, Virgin Trains and South Staffs Water.

A portrait photo of Steve Trotter

Steve Trotter <> Chief Operations Officer

Steve is COO and Co-Founder of Razor. He is a qualified and experienced senior programme manager who has ensured the successful delivery of a range of highly complex projects for clients such as the Crown Commercial Service, PizzaExpress and South Staffs Water.

Steve works closely with our partners on everything from selecting appropriate project management approaches, to long term product development planning and business operating modelling.

His acute attention to detail and ability to manage multiple information systems position him perfectly to oversee the end-to-end operations of our business. Steve also has a keen interest in forming team structures and processes to facilitate continuous improvement.

A portrait photo of Michael Viney

Katy Hinton <> Head of Operations

Katy is Head of Operations and has been part of Razor since the very beginning.

Formally an Events Manager, Katy took the decision to switch careers when the business grew and required more than just an extra hand. The digital sector was new and interesting, fast-paced and very different. But people remain the same in all industries.

Organised and methodical, Katy leads the non-core aspects of the business and is responsible for the welfare and development of the team, the physical and imperceptible environment, cost management, compliance and a host of other challenges.

Katy is the go-to who makes things happen and puts collective ideas into practice for the benefit of our business, the individuals, and the teams within.

What we do
What do we do?

From web applications, to bots, machine learning and computer vision. There is a lot we can do, what can we do for you?

Houses drawn on post-its
Discovery - Gaining clarity on where you are going

Not knowing where you are going can be disastrous for any business or project. Our unique Discovery process lifts the fog and provides the clarity needed.

The Razor Sprint

The Razor Sprint is designed for people who believe technology can enhance their business. If you want to make a change and take action, rather than just think and talk about it, Razor can help.