The Most Exciting Marketing Role Within 150 miles

Love marketing, being creative, having the autonomy to do what you think is right and don't want any red tape in your way? Come and market Razor to the people!

Microsoft Partner - Gold Cloud Platform Silver Application Development Crown Commercial Service Supplier

These were the ideas that we came up with to advertise and describe this role;

  • Your day as a calendar
  • Your day in pictures
  • Badger (here for inspiration)
  • Role in pictures
  • A transcript of a discussion describing the role

This is why we gave up and we need someone like you.

We are looking for someone who is very organised and can communicate clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing. We need someone who can own and co-ordinate all of our marketing activities. This will include our campaigns, content, brand development and everything in between that has an impact on the perception of Razor.

We anticipate that the role may be a part-time one. This could be shorter hours each day to fit around your life or fewer full days. We are flexible.

We would also expect you to assist in sales activities. Don’t worry you won’t have to be a salesperson, we have people who are really good at that, we just need you to work together and play a supporting role as and when needed.

We don't expect you to be an expert in every area and would like you to manage third parties and freelancers to deliver the specialist activities such as brand development, copywriting, proofreading, campaign development, photography and film for example.

You may be a dab hand in Photoshop, you may not, you may like having all the creative ideas, you may not. What matters is that you have the ability to bring it all together.

We expect that you will have a background in marketing and have experience in this field. We aren't putting any hard and fast limits on this as time doesn't always dictate how good you are - there is a difference between practice and purposeful practice.

Are you up for a challenge and want to work in the tech industry marketing some of the coolest and most cutting edge software and working with a cool and rising brand in Sheffield? Do you want to surround yourself with some super bright people and be a part of the success and shout about some of the most exciting things coming out of Sheffield? Of course you do, who wouldn't?

What to expect from us?

We pay you well and care about your development. We are flexible and offer flexible working hours. We understand that you are human and have a life outside of work. We don't expect you to slave away - we want you to be productive and happy.

We have a great working environment that is close to Sheffield train station and the centre of town.

The inside view of the Razor Sheffield Office

We will give you some of the best people to work with. People who you will be able to teach and who you will also learn a lot from.

The work we do is vast and varied and almost all targeted at Azure. We work on high scale concurrency ticketing platforms, IoT platforms with stream processing and big data analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, cross-platform native mobile apps, bots, API's and of course websites.

We are constantly pushing the boundaries and have a clear vision of where we are going and who works well in our team. We are growing a culture with people who share our beliefs and want to enjoy the technology wave with us.

Razor is a place where you will be pushed to reach your full potential.

Are you ready to take the next step, to learn new things and to be pushed to the next level?

Send an email to [email protected], and we can continue the conversation from there 😎

If this has got you interested, you can read more about the benefits of working at Razor.

What we do
What do we do?

From web applications, to bots, machine learning and computer vision. There is a lot we can do, what can we do for you?

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Discovery - Gaining clarity on where you are going

Not knowing where you are going can be disastrous for any business or project. Our unique Discovery process lifts the fog and provides the clarity needed.

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