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Tech disruptor Razor ascend second summit on their journey to levelling up the North of England

25 July 2022 <> Written by Razor

Dubbed the mountaineers of the tech solutions industry, Razor is leading the charge towards a future where technology amplifies the greatness of humanity. Their new appointment and second office signifies the next phase of their mission to level up the North of England, by creating exciting opportunities for the future workforce, right on their doorstep in Leeds.

Razor’s presence in multiple locations in the North is driving economic change across the region, providing jobs and upskilling members of the community. With their energy and passion for solving problems and developing cutting edge tech, Razor believes this move will support the area’s ‘levelling up’ initiative, creating a more prosperous – and better connected – place to live.

The new office allows them to continue putting people at the centre of their business: connecting their team through working spaces close to their employees' geographies, as well as their clients’.

Of this move, Razor CEO Jamie Hinton commended “I’m super charged that we’re opening our second office – working remotely has its place, but if we want to continue delivering game-changing results we need to maintain our personal connections – seeing, inspiring, collaborating, challenging and bouncing ideas off each other, in-person. Nothing comes close to the real thing.”

Razor is also announcing the new appointment of their Head of Commercial, Kevin McConnell. His previous role as Commercial Director of a managed services provider makes him well-placed to support Razor’s rapid ascension. As a passionate expert in his field, Kevin embodies the Razor spirit: putting people first, to drive and deliver cutting edge solutions.

“I am excited to join a dynamic team of forward-thinking and highly experienced individuals, working to harmonise our customer’s relationships with tech and de-risk the future of their businesses.”

With people at the centre of their enterprise, Razor hopes to hire, train and encourage radical and innovative experts for the following roles: Business Development Executive, Technology Strategist, Principal Solution Engineer, Senior Solution Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Front End Developer.

Razor’s current expansion is only the beginning. With more summits to climb and sectors to conquer, including within private health care, utilities and logistics, moving fast is the name of the game – disruption happens when others sit still. So, watch this space!

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