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Unlocking Customer Self-Service for YOB Golf

Moving your web presence from a shop front to a sales tool is a challenge for any business, but even more so when you’re dealing with a large volume of products and multi-dimensional pricing structures.

We’re helping branded product specialist Your Own Brand (YOB) Golf to maintain their market leadership by turning their online shop window into a personalised, interactive tool for each customer. From being a simple catalogue, YOB Golf’s site now allows customers to self-service the entire purchasing process. It suggests products, provides customised quotations and handles the orders.

Your Own Brand Golf specialises in the manufacture and supply of branded golf products to the promotional gift and golf retail markets. Formed in 2005 by 2 PGA Professionals, the company is now well established as the number one supplier of bespoke golf products to both the retail and promotional sectors, with over 1,000 distributors in each market. The company provides 650 different products from a network of over 100 suppliers worldwide.


Your Own Brand Golf was looking for ways to maintain market leadership, both in terms of sales efficiency and delivering superior customer service. They also wanted to provide their customers with a choice of channels and encourage them to take up a self-service option.

The challenge for YOB is in the scale and complexity of their product offering – anything we built needed to manage a number of different pricing models for different types of customer and keep up-to-date with constantly changing product lines. It goes without saying that it was also vital to deliver a great customer experience, especially as customers needed winning over to the idea of self service.

About 18 months ago, we realised that times were moving and the way we were communicating via the web wasn’t good enough. We needed to engage better with our customers and make sure that our website provided a “live” experience, where all the information was completely personalised and up to date.

Tom Armitage – YOB Group Sales and Marketing Director

Our aim was to help YOB Golf to make use of digital processes to offer competition-beating tools to their customers. As a key component of this, we built a customised quotation engine that can be used by both customers and staff to create live, personalised quotations. The engine handles the full product line and multiple pricing structures, with straight-forward account set-up, authentication and approval. It displays the pricing appropriate to the type of customer and allows the customer to self-serve throughout the purchasing process. YOB Golf staff have access to the same system, so can step in at any point to assist or create the quote on behalf of the customer.

The system is also built to make it easy for YOB staff to update the product range, ensuring that the online catalogue is always right up to date. They can also implement special offers and keep the site fresh with news and information. The site is fully responsive and search optimised for both the retail and promotional markets. It also provides analytics and metrics to help understand customer behaviour.

The instant quoting has been a revelation – initial feedback from our customers has been beyond all our expectations. It is an education process to move customers away from phoning and emailing towards self-service, but the way the system is built means that we can give customers choice and help them at any point in the process. While we had an online presence before, now we are an internet retailer. We can see the potential to go much further.

The next development for Your Own Brand Golf will involve rolling out a service that allows affiliates to create their own branded ecommerce offer using the YOB Golf product range and quotation engine.