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Engaging children in careers education with user friendly tech

Jon Maiden and Joseph Leech are driven to better align education and employment. To this end they wanted to increase the awareness of how school subjects align to real world jobs: helping children understand what maths is really useful for and how science is relevant so many exciting and fulfilling roles.

Their vision was to make careers education easy to deliver and engaging for all involved, by bringing a digital world into the classroom.

Working with Razor, they have been able to take a conceptual idea all the way through to a finished product that is used in schools up and down the country.

The project started with an initial concept of a landscape with a variety of careers plotted on each venue or building so that they could be explored. The types of jobs that are available could be uncovered and once interest is sparked, it would be possible to delve deeper and learn more about that job to understand what strengths are needed and skills required.

The interface had to be attractive and engaging to children, be super easy to use and work on equipment that schools have.

“The team at Razor transformed our vision into reality. They worked with us to devise, shape and build our concept into a highly functional and visually appealing educational platform which has subsequently received widespread praise from its users.”

Jon Maiden

Jon Maiden – Co-Founder, Panjango

Working through our discovery process and basing the discussions around the initial concepts that had been created of the landscape, the product was clearly understood by all and a vision of a minimal viable product (MVP) was defined.

The first iteration proved technically that a parallax landscape could be delivered within a web browser and on computers that were available in schools. Careers information and learning materials were then built in to this interface.

The first public release allowed schools to register and gain access to the first set of learning materials. The MVP’s goal was to get the product to market as quickly as possible and to gain valuable feedback from the people who really mattered: the students and their teachers.

The initial release was a great success and validated the need for this product. After gaining funding to take the project further, more content was generated and specific filters were added to the content and learning materials. This enabled teachers to tailor classes to specific syllabus areas and learning levels.

Teachers can now create their own environments to use only the information that is relevant to a particular class. This can all be done in advance and students then join in using a simple link. Once active in a session, their progress can be monitored by the teacher. Teachers are also able to share ‘sessions’ with their colleagues to aid learning and knowledge transfer.

The product continues to be a success with young people up and down the country now able to make more informed decisions about their education and future career.

  • Registered users

  • Time taken to deliver MVP

    4 weeks
  • Number of learning materials

  • Average number of current teaching ‘sessions’


“Always a pleasure to work with, the team poured their passion for creative design into the project and ensured the end product was something of which we could all be proud.”

Jon Maiden

Jon Maiden – Co-Founder, Panjango