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How the ticketing platform, Ticket Tannoy, unlocked online growth

Ticket Tannoy, a London based ticketing platform, became a victim of their own success when user demand exceeded the capacity of the application and the infrastructure it was sitting on.

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How Virgin Trains East Coast gained control of their staff mobile apps

Virgin Trains East Coast faced a common problem; mobile app bloat. Due to the size of the company, departments were buying and creating bespoke apps to solve their own specific challenges with the new technology.

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Putting the customer in charge

We worked with South Staffs Water to develop a brand new self service portal that provides customers with the ability to access information and complete transactions online at their own convenience.

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Digital product development

When Fretwell-Downing Hospitality identified an opportunity to break into a new market, Razor were perfectly placed to help craft an application and extend the skills of their internal development team.

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User-focused scheduling interface

Marcus Evans are global specialists in events and seminars and they looked to us for a new front end for their scheduling system. This new interface would re-establish them as market leaders.

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