Examples of
our craft

We thrive on developing the most appropriate solutions to complex technical challenges, and always put people at the centre of everything we do.

The source of our knowledge is our experience

The broad and varied backgrounds of our team bring a wealth of expertise to our work.

User-focused scheduling interface

Marcus Evans are global specialists in events and seminars and they looked to us for a new front end for their scheduling system. This new interface would re-establish them as market leaders.

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Digital product development

When Fretwell-Downing Hospitality identified an opportunity to break into a new market, Razor were perfectly placed to help craft an application and extend the skills of their internal development team.

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Putting the customer in charge

We worked with South Staffs Water to develop a brand new self service portal that provides customers with the ability to access information and complete transactions online at their own convenience.

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Performance tuning

We’re working alongside Highfield’s internal development team to increase the efficiency and improve the user experience of their application.

The net result was a 91% reduction in time spent on business critical tasks and an additional reduction in load on the systems.

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Simplifying self service

We’re helping branded product specialist Your Own Brand (YOB) Golf to maintain their market leadership by turning their online shop window into a personalised, interactive tool for each customer.

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Secure data, technical processes, multiple devices

We turned a highly specialised paper-based process into a secure online system that can be accessed any time, anywhere, on any device.

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