We’re hiring! Take a look to see if there is a role for you! Let’s go!

We are looking for a Design Lead. We want someone with ambition, talent (someone who has practised a lot) and importantly the right attitude who’s on their way up and wants to step up the next level.

You may be working in a product house and are ready for a change (the same product gets a bit boring after a while) or you may have agency experience - either way, that is fine with us.

At Razor, we have a reputation for being very technical and that we also understand that technology before people seldom works. We are looking for someone who understands the importance of user experience and user interfaces and most importantly - loves technology.

The perfect match for this role is someone who is well versed in the UX process and has plenty of tools in their belt to uncover and crack a problem. You will know what we are talking about if we mentioned personas, user story mapping, contextual enquiries, wireframing and various other techniques that usually involve a lot of post-it notes. You will also enjoy getting involved in making these experiences come to life by creating the interfaces and will have a really good handle on HTML, CSS (SASS) and the surrounding tooling. You don’t have to be a JavaScript legend, we have talented developers to take that further.

We have a reputation for being the best, so we want the best. This won’t be an easy job and we need somebody who’s up for the challenge.

The work we do is varied and you will get exposed to many different challenges, technologies and concepts. We can't talk about everything we do publically - some of it is super cool 😎

You need to be in line with our vision and values and be a good cultural fit. A good guide is; people thrive here who are open to new things, have strong opinions loosely held, they leave their ego at the door, who don’t mind asking and don’t mind being asked and who are happy to share their knowledge and in this position, you aren’t in the hazard zone of the development curve.

We are looking for someone who fits the following:

  • Be able to extract the simple from the complex
  • Is an expert in front end development
  • Has the potential to lead and mentor team members
  • Has expertise and is comfortable in planning and facilitating workshops with clients
  • Be brilliant at extracting what is really needed and getting to the core of a business problem
  • Be an expert in architecting design solutions based on requirements
  • Has the ability to work lean and to a budget when required
  • Has a keen commercial awareness and understanding, can deliver and has a track record of delivering
  • Will represent our user experience and front-end design expertise to the outside world
  • Will set the creative direction, processes and technical standards for the design team
  • Has a large toolbelt of UX and Front End tools, processes and techniques
  • Is familiar with user story mapping processes and other common definition and extraction techniques

What we'd offer:

  • Brand new projects and challenges regularly where you won’t get bored
  • To keep you relevant in a fast-moving technological world
  • Salary dependent on the value you bring (not directly linked to experience)
  • Share option scheme
  • Competitive pension
  • Health insurance
  • 26 days holiday plus bank holidays
  • Conferences and events

If this has got you interested, you can read more about the benefits of working at Razor.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, send us your CV to recruitment@razor.co.uk and let’s continue the conversation.