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It is estimated over 60% of UK businesses will have adopted data and machine learning technologies by 2022. We know enough to know this is the future, but where do you begin? How about here.

Our Data specialists are now offering one-to-one consultations for businesses who want to accelerate their data plans and forge real transformation. We’ll identify your data goals, show you how your competitors are using emerging technologies and begin to unlock the potential within your business.

If you’re not sure whether this could be for you, here’s a litmus test.

Think of one process in your business, maybe it’s your ordering system. How many brains, hands, systems and decisions does it take before your order is with your customer? For every touchpoint, there’s an opportunity to make a process, better, faster and more resilient and that’s just scratching the surface of how clever this technology is.

No sales pitch, no cost; let’s get a head start for your business before the world catches up. Trust us, data makes you greater.

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With this consultation, you will:

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  • Understand where you are on your journey

  • Find out how other businesses are using data

  • Gain clarity on what action to take

Get Ahead with Data

Using Prediction For Sales Growth
Using Prediction For Sales Growth

Harnessing data that transforms small wins into big wins.

Using Data To Automate Low Value Tasks
Using Data To Automate Low Value Tasks

The data supercharge you need to take care of the boring, busy work.

What we do
The Razor Data Sprint

The Razor Data Sprint turns ideas into action. It’s for people and organisations who are ready to break down the silos and unlock the potential, and power of their data. Whether you have an idea you want to make a reality, a strategy that needs refining, or just don’t know where to begin - we can help.