User-focused scheduling interface for Marcus Evans

Marcus Evans are global specialists in events and seminars and they looked to us for a new front end for their scheduling system. This new interface would re-establish them as market leaders.

The Marcus Evans website on an iPhone

Marcus Evans, global specialists in seminars and events, looked to Razor when they needed a new front end for their scheduling system. This new, intuitive interface would re-establish them as market leaders by creating a first class customer experience.

We’re passionate about technology, but we always place people at the center of everything we do. In order to create a truly personalised onboarding, scheduling and networking experience, we collaborated with Marcus Evans to build an interface that gives users unparalleled control over each component.

Applying our consultancy and co-creation model we worked alongside Marcus Evans’ in-house team throughout development, which included sketching and architecting detailed wireframes.

Our experience in these areas enabled us to identify the most appropriate user-focussed solution, as well as provide coaching and support across a range of unique digital tools we crafted specifically for this project.

The result of this collaboration is an intuitive user-centered application that analyses metrics within each profile to intelligently match users with appropriate events, networking opportunities and other delegates. This empowers the users to make informed decisions and gain maximum value from attending an event. Once at an event, the application will also track the user’s time and location to manage their schedules efficiently.

A screenshot of the Marcus Evans website on an iPad

Patrick Cannon

“Razor’s UI/UX design expertise was fundamental to the success of our project. Right from the very start with the Discovery workshop, Razor helped us to clarify our project objectives and provide innovative solutions throughout on how to achieve these. Thanks to Razor the regular communication and collaborative approach helped us to successfully deliver a complicated project on time and within budget.”

Patrick Cannon <> Head of Digital <> Marcus Evans Group
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